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From all these manipulations, Julia finished.
Deep, With moaning and pulling the sheets under you.
Moving away a little from the orgasm, she asked: “What did you do there? I did not understand.

It was not familiar, and from this I started more than ever. ”
When I explained that I inserted all my index finger in my ass and there I worked like a piston, it was not a shock.
“How is everything? All up to the palm? You are breeding! It can not be.”
“Well, do you want to show how?” – I asked.
“Come on” – received a long-awaited response.
Having flipped my finger, I began to enter it there, but it was not there.
Butt didn’t want to relax, and having understood that without pain, she didn’t have to enter the clitoris again.
Not even a minute later the anus opened, and without painful finger I entered it.
“Well! Look and feel!” – I smiled.
Julia listened to new feelings.
“And it seems to be nothing,” she remarked, “The husband usually simply inserts a finger in there and it hurts me or him for the drum.”
She listened to her a little.
“And you know –

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I like it.”
I exulted.
“That’s it! I’ll soon be in her ass !!!!” Now sex went with a finger in the anus.
Sometimes when I entered her, she herself inserted her finger in the ass.
She terribly liked with her finger to feel my cock with the piston entering her womb.
Finally, after long sentences, she decided to let me inside herself through the rear opening.
What I just did not tell her.

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He told how pleasant it would be to feel the pulsating member in the anus.
How she will feel the head inside her.
Like a fountain of warm sperm splashes into her.
Generally persuaded.
Since all the same deprivation of virginity in the ass in the car would not be very solemn, we again went to the hotel.
Under the ass put a pillow.
I polished clitoris turned on the ass and caress and her a bit.
Taking a pre-prepared lubricant applied cream for anal intercourse on the anus and smeared with a finger and the inside of the ass.
Julia was lying on her back and was tense.
Well, how to enter the ass if everything is compressed there? Having entered the ass with my finger, I began to tell her tenderness in my ear.
Kiss her neck and chest.
Feeling the relaxation of the body with his finger, quickly smeared the penis and put the head to the hole.
Slightly pressed on the anus member.
He waited for the tension to drop a little, introduced the member to the length of the head.
Julia was tense, but full of determination.
“Slowly dear” – all that she could squeeze out of herself.
By gradually introducing the boy, I received nothing with which incomparable pleasure from the density of the surroundings of the penis.
Having introduced a dick to the very testicles, I stopped, giving my ass to get used to a new object in its insides.
Realizing that Julia is not bad, and even well, I gradually began to carry out progressive movements.
Suddenly, I felt my testicles become wet.
“Yo mine! Where is it from?”.
Looking down, I saw how out of the hole, which Julia wrote, comes out in small portions of the liquid.
“Well, the girl suffered!” – flashed through me.
Julia flooded me with every input of my dick in her ass.
“How pump straight!” – I smiled.
From the fact that she poured me my excitement grew.
“I’ll finish now,” I whispered and saw a smile on her face.
My shot in her anus was powerful and long.
At the first impulses of sperm, Julia arched onto the bridge, and she finished moaning.
When a member fell down, and I pulled him out, I collapsed next to nothing.
I do not know how much we lay like that, but when we came to, we saw that the whole bed was wet. Free sex chat web cam.

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