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More than anything, I wanted to put my hands under the table and at the same time put them on the exciting elastic hips of the girls, to feel their reciprocal movement.
However, I always had to restrain myself, thinking about pedagogical principles.
Other actions of the girls were also very bold.

They have openly used all the reasons to touch my hand with their hand.
It doesn’t matter if they wanted to turn the page, take a pen from me or show a place in a notebook closed with my hand, they invariably gently touched my hand, without taking off their own hands without much haste.
The girls seemed to compete: who will give me more tenderness? However, it was rather social competition: there was no jealousy about it.
Natasha behaved more impatiently than Polina, she sometimes touched my back with her elbow or even breast, I felt her long wavy hair casually intertwined with mine, spilling bliss into my head, as if they were small twisted wires.
I already openly admired the girls’ breasts, looking from Polina’s convex hemispheres, which could be seen in detail under the tight-fitting top, on Natasha’s pear-shaped hillocks, barely visible under the fabric of a spacious shirt.
But sometimes, when Natasha bent a little, I looked at the bare beginning of my chest, filled with red-purple light because of the color of the fabric, which was crowned with a small crimson nipple, which appeared and disappeared in the depths of a women’s T-shirt.

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The whole holiday could have lasted a long time, but the voice of a lab assistant unexpectedly returned the three of us to reality.
– Young people, are you going to talk here for a long time? “We have two more tasks to pass,” the girls said in a race.
– Maybe you go to another place, but then I should go home already! – Natasha’s hand gently took my left hand and turned the clock towards her: in fact, the time for classes was already over.
“Of course, we will move somewhere now,” I replied, quite annoyed at the changing situation.
– Oh, please, otherwise I’m not going to sit here until the evening! We quickly packed up our belongings and in indecision went into the corridor, considering further plans.
I involuntarily admired the grace of my students: both had slender figures, graceful legs — in full growth they looked like

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confident adult women.
Usually, the classes automatically went into the corridor, if there was not enough official time, but this time we were in trouble: “It looks like the light does not work,” said Polina with chagrin.
“Sitting in the dark is certainly not an option,” I agreed.
Polina hopelessly pulled the switches in the corridor.
– Maybe let’s go to the library? – asked Natasha.
“The library is already closed, so it won’t work,” said Polina.
For a few seconds, we thought about our possibilities in dismay.
“We could have gone to the cathedral room, but I don’t have a key, and at that time no one is there,” I said sluggishly, somehow.
to participate in the situation.
– Here you go.
We wanted to pass all the tasks today.
– upset said Natasha, gradually falling into despair.
Suddenly, an unexpected thought dawned on Polina in such a way that she jumped for joy.
– And let’s go to my room: my neighbor just left today to her home in the suburbs! Hd webcam sex videos.

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