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Hidden camera bathroom nude.
I love you.
– And I love you.
– we merged in a passionate kiss, I pulled my panties off Katya and, without any caresses, stuck my dick into her: her pussy turned out to be wet and hot.

After sex, Katya, as it were, by the way, told me that Tengiz had left her mobile number and said that she would like to meet with us tomorrow, to come to visit us.
He asked her to call him back in the morning and say what time we will wait for him: – What do you think, what time to invite him? “Yes, the Tengiz plan worked!” – I did not find a place for myself with joy.
What I failed during the years of my life together, he managed to do in a few days.
My wife does not even doubt whether to invite him or not (after all, it is clear that he will not come to drive tea), but only asks about a meeting time.
And I answered her with great pleasure: – I think that it will be normal at 9-10 pm.
– I also thought that at 10, in order to have time to get ready, go to the salon, meet.
Tomorrow I leave work early.
In the morning I met Tengiz and could not hide my admiration: – You are just a genius! Kate agreed, she must now call you back and invite you to visit.
– I know she already called.
– But how, I left the house 15 minutes ago, and she didn’t call me.
“She rang 10 minutes ago,” Tengiz chuckled. “Listen to me and everything will go like clockwork.”
By the way, consider that the contract for our company in your pocket, I have already agreed.
So you can please your boss.
– That’s great, just good news! – Get used to the beautiful life. Hidden camera bathroom nude.

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