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But my impressions may have been too strong, and besides, I studied more often than it hurt and this reduced the chances that the Nurses’ enemas had that effect.
However, as I write these lines, those feelings of pain and pleasure emerge from memory, returning me to those days.
And although I think the Nurse should burn in Hell for what she did with the girls, I can’t help but feel grateful for the fact that she showed me something that I might not have known otherwise.

A friend who always loves you, Horten’s Note, who provided the material: this letter, written by my aunt, the old maid Horten, her friend for the whole life of Emilia, I found in a secret drawer of her desk, cleaning up her house in Dadham, Massachusetts, after her death in 1994 at the age of 81.
Since I am her only living relative, I allowed myself to publish this material, considering that this may be of interest to some readers.
The only change I made was to remove the names of the schools that she and her siblings attended (despite the fact that those schools hardly exist at the present time). Homemade webcam fuck teen.

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