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We walked into the room, they told me to undress, one of them came up to me and took me by the shoulder and put me on my knees in front of him and said come on.
At first I stroked it through jeans and slowly unbuttoned my pants, belt.
Jeans crept down and he stayed in tight shorts.

Through the underpants the silhouette of a powerful, huge member with a big head swelling in front of my eyes was clearly visible.
My dick, too, began to rise when I thought that this treasure standing before me would now be mine.
I started rubbing his cock and lips with his cheeks, tried to clasp the head through the pants.
He understood my moods, pulled off the elastic of his underpants and dumped his stallion.
I could smell it.
But pootte pleasure I could not, as soon as I clasped the head with his lips, he abruptly drove a member into my mouth.
My eyes wept, from an unexpected blow to the throat, I almost choked.
Here a few more men stumbled into the room.
One immediately took off his jeans, panties and sat on the sofa.

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His penis was already at the ready and I took it in my hand; it was in no way inferior to a member of the first Dagestanian in size, and in my opinion it was even thicker.
He pulled my hand, and I had to let go of the first member of my mouth.
The second one also did not reign for a long time and as soon as I took the head of his penis into my mouth, he planted me on the penis to the full depth.
I sucked him about five minutes, then they both lay down on the sofa so that their members were at a distance of half a meter from each other.
I sucked one or the other member alternately.
Standing crustaceans and at the same time raising two members, I recalled scenes from porn movies where the girl served two men at once, I imagined myself in her role, and that made me wildly excited.
This scene acted excitingly not only on me, the third Dagestanian pulled out his excited cock and began to get attached to my ass.

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He turned me to face me and ordered me to wet his penis with saliva, and I smeared my ass, having slapped my fingers.
I turned to his ass and began to suck standing members alternately.
The third one began to slowly introduce his penis into me, it was very painful, but gradually the pain began to subside and I was pleased, I started podmahivat in time with his movements.
From excitement I jerked, I finally got what I could only dream of.
He finished about ten minutes later, and I felt something warm spread inside me.
He took out a member, wiped it on my buns, and praised my ass.
Then I began to suck off with a frenzy, and one of the dagas filled my mouth with sperm.
I swallowed everything licked everything from his penis, and started on the second member.
I sucked the second term for a very long time, he could not stand it, turned me on my back and began to fuck me in the mouth.
My lips went numb, I constantly choked his member, but was afraid to touch his teeth.
When he was close, he took a member out of my mouth and told me to stick out my tongue.
He finished violently, plentifully watering my lips, tongue and face with sperm.
After that, he drove a member in my face by dropping a drop of sperm from face to mouth.
When collected everything, he told me to lick his testicles and penis.
Then they discussed me, said what a cool slut I was and asked if I wanted to serve some more people, but I refused.
They took me to the door, and said that I would come again.
I left them and went home.
The next morning I remembered what happened as a sweet dream.
I lick my finger.
– Very sorry.
“And you yourself,” I said.
– Go and lay on the bed.
– Spread your legs!.
How wet she was.
Caressing, I kissed her.
– Say: I love you, – I ordered.
– Kolya, I brought photos to work today.
Remember, you asked to show what I was at university? So I wrote it down and brought it today.
– Ira inserted a floppy disk and began to open a folder on the monitor screen.
– Oh, class, let’s show.
– Nicholas liked this plump girl, with whom they worked for six months.
Irina did not hide her merits, was always open and easy to communicate.
Photos began to appear on the screen in which Ira was a little younger.
Maybe a little sadder, there were a lot of other people around.
Nikolai looked at the photos and it seemed to him that at all the picture of Ira had a black leather necklace around his neck.
He clicked forward through the photographs, and suddenly a frame appeared before his eyes from which he could not look away.
The photo was a naked girl, she was kneeling, stomach on a stool, her legs and arms were screwed with adhesive tape to her legs. Hot boy orgams with ohmibod on webcam.

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