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My story will have 3 parts: “Sleeping pills”, “Viagra for women” and “Viagra”.
Let’s start with the first.
Actions all at the same time, namely about two years ago, since the writing of the story.

At that time, my sister was 19 years old and she often went to clubs after she entered the university.
I increasingly had to cover her cigarettes, drinks and somehow covering my sister, I had to say that the condoms found at home are mine too.
On the day when my sister asked me to otmazatsya her condoms, I was shocked, because I officially learned that she was fucking.
I did not want to do this, but she promised that she would take me to a party where I could fuck Alina, and I immediately agreed.
Alina was a friend of Irisha, and always marked her as a girl from their company, which I liked more.
But nevertheless behind the scenes this place, in my opinion

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, belonged to Irochka.
I often spied on her in the shower, pawed her drunk and asleep, naturally jerked off on her.
If for each time I masturbate my sister they gave me a ruble, I would be richer than Abramovich.
And once the plan was ripe for me, when my parents would not put Irisha to sleep and fuck me.
I thought to do it when she was drunk, but she lacked courage.
Half a year under consideration I had a plan in my head, not daring to use it.
During this time I knocked out the teacher in class, we put another friend to sleep with friends, and used it myself for insomnia.
after half a year, I decided to put the whole family to sleep during dinner, so that they just went to bed and did not know the next day that they were sleeping.
This Saturday, I poisoned dinner and did not eat myself, saying that I would come up later, as soon as I finished the pillbox.
They are accustomed to, and understand that you can not pour on the floor of the game.
After dinner, my sister was in the room watching television, and my parents went to her room.

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After playing, I went to explore the situation.
The sister fell asleep sitting, watching TV, as often happens.
Her legs were bent at the knees, hands scattered on opposite sides, her head buried in her knees.
After seeing a couple of minutes at my sister, imagining what would happen next, I left.
After I went to my parents, and they were there naked, but they did not lie on top of each other, apparently having had time to finish what they had begun.
Having pushed everyone, having checked action of everyone, I was convinced that they wake up strictly according to the instruction (6-8 hours).
“It was time to start” just after this thought, the jitters covered my whole body, it was very scary, I heard my heart, my breath, and nothing more.
I reassured myself, convincing that nothing would happen, but the fear did not drop much.
I blamed myself, despised, wanted to give up this idea and went to play DotA.
After one more skating rink, fear fell asleep.
I went to my favorite erotic forum, and explained the situation, sent a photo of my sister (not at the moment), to which I received in response that I also had to fuck my mom.
But I did not feel attracted to my mother and threw the idea away.
Killing in myself any doubts, I began to act.
He approached her, checked the check-up once, whether she slept or not, crossed himself, kissed her on the forehead, and switched his hands to the lewd mode.
At first he touched his sister’s chest through his clothes, without squeezing.
Dick stood like crazy, despite the fact that the buzz from such a paw, I did not get.
then he began to hesitate to squeeze it, but there was not much buzz.
Squeezing harder and harder, the actions gained confidence, and after a moment, I pawed on my bare chest and ass, sucked nipples lying on my back, absolutely my sister’s foot.
Her body lay in the usual pose, but it didn’t have too much time.
Irisha’s legs are half bent at the knees to make it easier to paw her lush ass.
Her tender legs supposedly hugged mine, her body pleasantly touched mine.
The booty did not fit in my right hand, I squeezed it with urine, I crushed it like mom dough, sometimes lifting my hands to my pussy.
Her breasts were much softer than her buttocks and their differences were placed in her hand, her nipples were medium in size and increased in turn: first, I sucked the left nipple, and he just almost was born into a separate organism, after I did the same with the second one, do not hurt.
It was unreal cool, but it is time to go down below.
In the middle belly, I slowly went down, as if I shouldn’t leave a centimeter of a kissing place, I froze on the navel for a few seconds, then went down her smoothly shaved pubic hair. Hot teen naked on webcam.

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