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“Take it,” she puts a diamond necklace beside me that shimmers with all the lights of the evening sun.
– Consider that this thing is my farewell gift, and the last thing: There are tears in her voice: – You’re right, I love everyone and I give them my passion, body and soul.
You probably never understand this.

She waves her hand and slowly goes into the bathroom.
For a while, I stupidly looked at its decoration, which burns in my hands, and suddenly a sharp pain compresses my heart.
I jump on my feet and knock on the bathroom door, where the shower is noisy.
– Honey, sorry, forgive me! – I almost scream.
She does not respond to my pleas.
I am terrified.
I suddenly realize that behind this damned door there is no present, no past, no future.
There is nothing alive, except for the rumbling water, which, meandering, boils and rushes along the black rusty pipes:
Sorry, but the concept of “Soviet mafia” seems to me a misunderstanding.
Your mafia is a newspaper sensation, a tickling for the nerves of the man in the street.
Or a myth that can explain any troubles, something like the “evil spirit” of our patriarchal Indians.
There are a lot of sins behind the mafia in my homeland, real and imaginary, but I’m sure that it would never occur to anyone to write off the lack of meat in stores.
For such purposes, we use the “evil spirit”.
I dare say that those who did not visit us in Colombia have no idea what the mafia is.
If in the cities the authorities still somehow maintain the appearance of legality, then in the deaf villages the mafia has at least a solid draw.
In such places, for boys and teenagers, not to participate in the mafia is just

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the same as for your children not to go to primary school.

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Maybe your mafia will ever grow to Colombian, but for now let me not take it seriously.
I did not start this conversation to upset you.
In general, Russians have the sad property of permanently getting stuck on the unpleasant aspects of life.
Someday it will ruin you.
Damn her, with the mafia, because there is still the sun and love.
But the Russians, as they sit down on their mythical mafia, will not dislodge it until they bring themselves to severe depression.
Maybe because you have so little sun.
But I am a Colombian and I am going to tell you about the sun, love and blood.
I was born in a mountainous Colombian village and, like everyone else, in my youth I participated in a gang.
There were about ten of us, and the people, frankly, crept up rotten.
Of course, Christian saints in a gang, as a rule, are not recorded, but a kind of courageous nobility is not such a rarity among bandits.
Our leader was disgustingly petty in calculating, like a Russian prostitute, and cruel, like an Indian.
People he picked up to match.
Only inexperience and ignorance kept me from leaving or cutting his throat at night.
Fortunately, I had enough courage not to become a “six”, because the whipping boys in such gangs are worse off than anywhere else.
This role was played by a boy named Pedro.
As usual, the worst oppressor was the one who stood only half a step higher in the hierarchy.
This bastard was called Pablo.
Of course, I am not going to give you a report on our activities.
Frankly speaking, the statute of limitations for some sins has not expired so far.
Let me just say that in our work there was nothing romantic.
We walked to the point of exhaustion with heavy loads, and for a rest for a day or two we lingered in one small village.
Here we had what Russians call “raspberries”.
I still perceive this village as an insult to the noble solar spirit of Latin America.
What could be closer to the heart of a Latin American than the Catholic faith with its magnificent rites, ardent piety and gifts to the most pure maiden? And in this village, I don’t know since when and why, there was an obscure Anglo-German Protestant sklyz.
The inhabitants of the village were such obstinate puritans that you cannot find among the gringos.
And speaking simply and bluntly, local women did not give us.
If you think that the bandits would not give a damn about the religious beliefs of defenseless peasants, then you are deeply mistaken.
The bandits are too dependent on the goodwill of the local population to risk insulting him in the deepest of feelings. Live nude girls movie.

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