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Then he put the penis back in his mouth, put his hands on his head and began to force his monster into me.
Eggs, as always, beat on the chin, when the member entered completely.
Probably, Misha fantasized about another submissive incest slave, because he was more rude and aggressive, I almost coughed several times.

Finally, without warning, his sperm began to fill my mouth, by surprise I choked, and a little of his sperm from my mouth dripped onto my pajamas and the floor.
Frustrated with my nausea and the fact that I had missed a little of his sweet seed, as soon as he let go of his head and pulled out his penis, I immediately fell to the floor and licked a small pool of white mucus.
“One day,” everything Misha said and left my room.
I rose from the floor.
Here is the beginning of the day.
I put on a black skirt and knee-high skirt and black high stockings, hoping to make a strong impression when we try on dresses.
I finished the outfit with a black lace bra and a blue patterned blouse that accentuated my large breasts.
I wrote to Christina at eleven to make sure she was already at home, and surprisingly she was, but had not yet taken a shower.
I told her to prepare and that I would take her after twelve.
I came home, Christina came out in a colorful sunny clothes, surprised me, but without stockings, it will need to be changed.
In the car, she asked, looking at my outfit: – Are we going to some unusual place? – Am I dressed so badly that it seems unusual to you? – I laughed.

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– I did not mean it.
“You look very good, in fact, even much younger,” she replied.
When we went, I asked: – These are the best words you have ever said to me.
Christina was in a much better mood today, we chatted about her idea of ??changing her profession to a high school teacher, which made me a little surprised, but was glad that she was finally sure of her choice.

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We had a great lunch, I didn’t force things and kept the angelic conversation relaxing.
It was so until we came to the fashionable clothing store, where I started seduction.
– What do you think to wear tomorrow? – I asked.
“Honestly, I have no idea,” Christine shrugged.
“I think we will have a good time and relax,” I said, passing by an intricate dress.
– Isn’t it too cool for formalism in school? She asked when I took the fiery red dress.
“You should always look very cool,” I retorted.
“Well, if you say so,” answered Christina.
“Believe me,” I said, holding out a red dress for her.
– This is for me? She asked, clearly surprised.
“You will look very sexy in this,” I said, trying to give her confidence.
“Wow, how expensive,” she said, seeing the price tag.
– I treat.
Every woman should have two dresses at her disposal: black, sexy, close-fitting “fuck me dress” and an elegant tantalizing dress.
– Mom, fuck me dress? – Christina asked, again surprised by my words and added – I do not have that.
– Well, time to fix it, – I smiled and added, – go try it on.
“Good,” she said.
A spark of excitement caught fire in her eyes.
I grabbed a golden dress for myself and went to the fitting room, on the way noticed a couple more sexy things.
Surprising my daughter, I knocked on her door: “Just a second, mother,” Christina answered.
I waited a few seconds before she came out with shining eyes, although the dress was more than necessary.
“You look great,” I praised.
“It’s a little big,” she said.
“I’ll bring another size now,” I smiled, joking, “I forgot that you are a little thinner than me.”
“Oh, you have a great body, mother,” Christine replied.
“Thank you, honey,” I said, pulling her in for a big hug.
I kept her a little more than allowed by the mother and daughter, while allowing myself to lower my hand on her ass.
Breaking the hug said: – Go get undressed, I’ll bring you a smaller size.
Christina returned to the locker room, and I went for a different size.
Returning, I straight, without knocking, went to her.
– Mama! – said Christine in surprise, being only in a bra and panties, but unfortunately, in the ugly ones worn by grandmothers – Honey, we are both adults, – I retorted and handed the dress, – besides, I saw you in a bathing suit, which is also covered less.
She sighed, but took the dress and started to put it on while I undressed.
– Mom, what are you doing? She asked in surprise again.
“I’m trying to try on a dress,” I replied, as if to a question with no subtext.
By this time, my skirt had fallen down and Christina gasped.
– Where are your panties? – At home, in the nightstand.
“Why don’t you wear them?” – She asked, looking at my shaved pussy. Live sex cams webcam chat.

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