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Jeanne secured the dildo on the floor, right under her slave’s opened ass.
As long as I refresh myself in the shower, you bitch will sit on him entirely, for the most eggs.
And don’t you look into my eyes, look to the floor when I’m talking to you.

I will make you a real slut, and you will carry out all my orders.
Do not you understand, I can do anything with you and as I please.

For any word you will be punished.
Representing herself a slave, Fabi could imagine everything, but not that she would be so constrained in her desires and possibilities.
The hostess devoured her all without a trace, crushed her inner self.
She was like a puppet in the hands of an experienced puppeteer.
She wanted submission, humiliation, she wanted to feel used by a whore, fucked and thrown away, no one else needed.
Jeanne with an effort pulled a condom on a toy, and plentifully lubricated the dildo’s head with lubricant.
She unceremoniously put Fabi on her knees and began to introduce the dildo into the open hole of the anus, when the head came in half, she returned Fabi to its former position.

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Fabi stood on her fingertips and dildo unhindered, under the pressure of her body was entering the anus.
It was painful, she was not accustomed to such sizes, it seemed that he was about to tear her little hole.
Jeanne silently stood in front of her and carefully looked at the result of her fantasy.
Fabi could only lift herself up a little on her fingertips, and this for a short time alleviated her pain, but then she still sank to the head of a huge dick.
She adored and hated her mistress at the same time.
Satisfied with her work, Jeanne left the room, leaving Fabi in that position.
Fabi more and more immersed on the head of a huge penis, the pain was no longer tolerable and she groaned softly.
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