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“Where did you get all this clothes?” – I asked.
– For the husband put on, – the sister has lowered eyes, he said, – he is a big fan of hard rock.
Clothes just in this style.

“You have a stupid husband,” I said, “I have lost such a treasure.”
Oleska smiled and blushed.
“Someone loses, someone finds,” she said to nowhere.
– I think it’s time to move into the bedroom.
– Yes, yes, just smoke.
Olesya unbuttoned her jacket, under it was a small narrow top, and from under it was visible the edge of a black lace bra.
Now the sight of the sister has become even more exciting.
She sat on my lap sideways and clasped her neck, I hugged her waist with one hand.
Olesya put a cigarette in an ashtray and approached my lips.
I pulled my sister to me and kissed.
Oleska penetrated into my mouth and our tongues met.

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Sister eagerly dug into my lips, I kissed her with less greed.
Oleska at the same time also moved her booty, from which the member began to rest on her.
After the kiss, my sister went into the bedroom.
I finished smoking and after a minute went after her.
Olesya was standing at the desk, putting her foot on a chair.
With her right hand she stroked her thigh, with her left leaning on the table.
I came close to her and ran my hand over my leg, which stood on the chair.
Oleska shuddered a little at the same time.
“You’re still scared,” I said.
The sister did not answer.
I ran my hand over the pope.
The fabric of the shorts was very soft and pleasant to the touch, which was very exciting.
Oleska put her palms on my shoulders and pulled her to her.
With my left hand, I took her by the lower part of the thigh, right at my ass, I squeezed that same ass with my right hand.

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With my face I fell to my chest and once again began to greedily swallow the captivating scent of my sister’s body.
Smell, sister became a drug for me.
Looking up from the chest, I began to kiss the neck.
Covering the delicate skin with kisses, I stroked my ass and my sister’s back with both hands.
Olesya’s breathing became heavier.
I took her by the thigh and lifted her leg, I put her second hand on her ass.
Sister put her hands on my waist and pressed.
I approached her lips and we kissed.
After the kiss, I turned my sister and sat her on the table.
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