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He started the conversation himself, which means he has something to say.
We listen carefully.
– Call Valya.

And he himself called.
– Valya, come to us, quickly! Valentine was not long in coming.
She was unusually good – her neck was hickered, her head was shaggy, there was no bra under the torn T-shirt.
Not otherwise, fell victim to passion.
But eyes.
Blue – blue, languishing, at that moment she loved the whole world, and Palich and I were no exception.
– So, so.
What was there – all I heard.
And a member of them.
Sturdy, apparently was an old love.
At such a moment, replace the cock member? For the sake of Valentina, who still had a dick in every eye? No, I do not understand that generation.
– You, Valyusha, are now going and leaving.
My driver will drive.
At the same time his.
grab it, he still did not reach the track.
Are you Petrov? You, Petrov, stay, hang over and negotiate your business.
I will help.
And silent, the main thing.
With Valya was me.
And the point.
And then all the nonsense began to chat.
So it all came out.
Valentina left with a signed contract.
Palych next morning went to the eagle, introduced me to the district commanders and very recommended to work with me.
Puzans looked at Palycha with respect, and their women with sweet horror.

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Pride in his eyes came in order.
The same driver drove me home as Valentine.
Long fidgeted, looked at me, and in the end could not resist.
– Listen, buddy, and you and Palich are not twisting their bows? But I did not give.
I turned to him with my whole body and looked carefully.
The driver stopped fidgeting, sat up straight, fell silent, and was no longer distracted from the road until the end of the road.
I do not know why Sasha invited me to his wedding, maybe because I had once been a friend to him, and maybe because his wife Sveta asked him.
At first I was not going to go, but then I decided to go anyway.
Once upon a time, Sveta confessed to me that she liked me and I, as a true friend, told about this to Sasha.
There was a terrible scandal, but most of all I got, because Sasha loved Sveta very much

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and already then he knew exactly what to marry her.
We didn’t communicate with him for a long time, but then he finally went to rest and called me to drink beer.
I happily agreed, but our friendship had faded a little since that time, and now he decided to invite me to his wedding.
I almost did not prepare for this event, except that I stroked my white shirt and went shopping and chose a wedding gift.
I didn’t think up anything original and bought a rather beautiful tea service.
I decided to skip the most exhausting part – a walk around the city, the registry office itself and these boring photographs and drive up immediately to the celebration venue, where everyone will probably be already slightly worn.
This place was a small cozy cafe called.
The area around the cafe was packed with cars.
There was a crowd around the people, drunk and apparently deciding to take a walk.
I went inside.
A young beautiful girl stood on the stage and sang something.
Then I saw Sanka.
He was surrounded by his friends, I knew some of them, there was even my former classmate. Live streaming sex.

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