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then I suck on Edik’s lips – I suck hot, passionately, indefatigably, – I suck Edik on the lips while caressing my palms – stroking, squeezing, squeezing – his ass.
Finally, when the pleasure is almost unbearable, I, looking up from Edik, whisper: – Give me the lubricant.
Edik, jerking out of bed, goes with a member vertically sticking up like a stake to a semicircular bedside table, which is set against the wall – he knows perfectly well in which box the gel for anal sex lies in my box.

– And the light.
turn on the overhead light, – I say, with lust looking at the elastic-juicy buttocks.
Two awesome-beautiful men’s buns, to which I want to pull my cheek.
why can’t i do it? Because it will look sentimental? Living sex webcam.

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