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the rest, too, began to wet pantyhose.
“Not just wetting,” added Ksyusha.
– What, these two too crap one’s pants? – Lena asked, nodding at Kohl with Andrew, – Ay-yi-yi! Lena went to Sasha and began kneading him a bunch of pantyhose.

– It is unpleasant to stand in shabby pants? – She asked the utterly embarrassed boy, – Look at me when I talk to you! Sasha’s cheeks were filled with bitter tears of resentment.
– Shame and shame! – Lena did not let up, – You write and poop into your pants like two-year-olds.
How to treat you after this? Shamefully standing boys with crimson faces for another five minutes, Lena ordered them to stand on changing tables.
“I’ll take it,” she nodded at Sasha.
“I am a redhead,” said Masha.
“Then I’m the little light hare,” Ksyusha smiled.
– They left me the most cunning one, – Alina was jokingly offended.

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“Lie back,” Lena asked Sasha.
The boy sat awkwardly in piled pantyhose on the table, ready to lie down.
– You know what, – Lena grinned, having heard the heap champ in Sasha’s tights, – Let’s sit down first.
Comfortably settled? Sit down and think about how bad it is to write and poop into your pants.
“Now it is crying again,” looked at Sasha Ksyusha, who was grimacing.
– Give him a pacifier, so as not to be capricious, – Masha suggested mockingly.
“We’ll do this,” Lena said, shoving Sasha in her mouth with a pacifier, “Well, lie back.”
Now we remove the dirty pants, like this.
Wow! That there should have been so crap one’s pants.
Raising her legs to Sasha, Lena gently wiped them with white tights.
“She came up with something cool,” Masha grinned. “To wipe your ass with his own pants.”
“My sister and I always do this at home,” Lena explained.

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“A lot less children’s napkins leave.
And these tights still wash.
Lena took a wet napkin and began to wipe Sasha’s ass with her.
– Cold napkin? – She turned to the boy, noticing how he trembles and hens, – You will survive! Those who pee and poop into their pants are punished with a cold wash.
– We arrived, it is already getting light.
And you said that there is no storm – see how the waves hit the shore and the breakwaters! Three-meter columns of water from the impact of the waves hit the embankment and the breakwaters, all in a layer of frozen ice.
– Yes.
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