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A girl with blue hair.
Of course, we can assume that this is an ordinary girl and her hair is just dyed.

That’s why she is a fairy tale that everything is not so simple in her.
And in our case, even more so.
Let’s figure it out.
An ordinary girl in the play, and even then erotic, it somehow does not cause any special emotions.
Another thing is that it is an unusual girl – hermaphrodite.
This is really a miracle and amazing.
In addition, roving theaters and circuses of the early twentieth century specialized in all kinds of freaks, dwarfs and other oddities of nature.
For example a horse with two heads.
No exception and the theater Carabas Barabas.
Therefore, it is not surprising that Malvina is not exactly a girl.
Karabas Barabas.
Director of the theater.
This is generally something out of the ordinary.
First of all, his beard.
There is not a single fairy tale, legend, or anything else that has a character with a long beard in it.
Here is a girl with very long hair – please.
Rapunzel, Goldilocks, daughter of the Great Runner (according to Bazhov) And if we consider that Alexei Tolstoy lived in the era of global feminism.
when women proudly and openly began to take their rights, it is not surprising why Karabas Barabas turned out to be a woman.
It is not difficult to imagine such a matron with long hair.
And by not complicated manipulations, the hair from the back can be thrown over the chest and pass them off by the beard.
Next on the script.
Karabas Barabas is outraged by the fact that his performance was so rudely interrupted.

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And who! The usual strapon Pinocchio, who seemed to be alive and bowing (it’s still a fairy tale).
He, rather, she intends to punish the offender.
That is, speaking easier to try it on for yourself.
org) And this unusual, as a girl with a member! I understand perfectly well that the reader expects this beautiful scene from me.
deliberately miss it.
Allowing the reader to dream a little.
Let me just say that at the end of the sexual process Karabas Barabas offers Josephine five gold coins for Pinocchio.
Josephine, of course, does not agree and tells how she received such a thing.
What woman does not like to brag? This leads Carabas Barabas to even greater delight.
From here the desire to visit the house of Josephine and.
Well, we will not specify for what.
It is therefore not surprising that she lets go of Josie and gives money.
It is not clear why she did not go with her.
This is where the main intrigue begins.
Cat Basilio and Lisa Alice.
Doubtless these are two rogue rogues, or just gypsies, say Shura Murin and Mura Shurin.
In fact, this is one of the sketches of the epic canvas, which I plan to finish and publish in August.
So do not judge strictly.
I slowly looked around the hushed and agitated girls, who were tensely awaiting my decision: – Honestly, I do not know what to say to you.
You passed the most severe competitive selection, passed the multi-level testing, brilliantly conducted your self-presentations.
Just think: we have received more than three hundred resumes.
Half dropped out at the stage of their study, but what remains is a very big number.
You went around everyone! You really are the best of the best, and each of you is perfect for our job.
But, alas, there are three of you, but there is one vacancy.
The final decision is my own, and I am in a very difficult position.
I have 3 solutions to the problem, but I don’t like any of them.
I will voice.
The first.
Two of you must refuse voluntarily.
Does anybody want? The answer predictably was deathly silence.
– I thought so.
The second is blind lot.

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? – I’m against.
This is an element of chance, and the best should win, ”said the girl in the center, Angelina confidently.
“Me too,” said left Sophia.
“And I am against it,” right-handed Elena answered almost in sync with Sonya.
– It’s a pity. Mom orgasm hidden cam.

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