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You understood me! – I slightly pulled my hand.
– Aaaa! Damn! Let go! She screamed.
– I understand! – Here’s a good one! – I let her go.

– I can go, Bela Georgievna? – Good! Marinochka! You can be free! – she rubbed the twisted brush, and angrily looked at me.
– We understood each other! Just now, you can get out of here! You are fired! – Fuck you! I quit myself! – I said firmly.
“Just don’t get in my eyes anymore!” Otherwise, your pussy, wound up on a fist! Same night.
When I was lying in bed and from my well-fucked pussies and ass flowed Sasha’s sperm, I told my husband everything! – So, for you, dear, they offered me two hundred thousand greens! – I summed up.
“And you didn’t give me away?” – he asked.
– How can I! You dearer all the money to me! – I pressed against his chest.
– Only I am scared, this Bela, so just will not leave us! And I can not lose you again! – And me too! We are one! We can not be apart! – he supported me.
Already falling asleep in the arms of my husband, I thought that everything was still beginning, and the most interesting things would be ahead! The story is dedicated to my co-author Elnara! And to all women in love, your Alexei Dragunov.

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Katya, a 20-year-old leggy brunette with a graceful, sporty figure, stood in the kitchen by the table and cut vegetables for a light salad for breakfast.
Standing with her back to the door, of course, she didn’t realize that her boyfriend Andrew, having propped her shoulder on the door jamb, had been admiring her sweet ass for several minutes.
Katya was wearing his Sarochka, who at each inclination shamelessly opened her silk panties to Andrei’s gaze.
Her panties were narrow and Andrei was pleased to catch the pink edges of her fleshy labia.
Sweet longing captivated his thoughts, he recalled the details of last night.
But Andrew came up to the girl and hugged her waist, arms folded in the lock on her stomach.
He inhaled the scent of her hair, pressed his bends to her earlobe and began to whisper tender words of love to her.
Katya smiled slyly, but continued to cook breakfast.
Andrei came down with his lips around the neck of the girl, and his hands began to unbutton the buttons of the sarochka from bottom to top.
With his left hand, he began to knead her breasts, and his right hand caressed her pussy through the already wet panties fabric.
Kate breathed languidly

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, biting her lip.
Andrew moved his left hand from the swollen nipples to Katena ass.
He pulled aside the panty fabric and ran his fingers from the vagina to the tailbone.
Then he took with his fingers a little soft butter from a butterdish from the table and began to smear it on the girl’s anus.
Two of his fingers easily entered the anus and began to masturbate him. Nude girl on hidden cam.

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