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Finally, the vagina shuddering with pleasure made me beat in half-forgetting.
Feeling great carnal pleasure, I almost fainted, but at the same time I managed to insult my niece several times with the roughest expressions.
Fortunately for Rebecca, the orgasm was over, and I collapsed into my chair, exhausted.

Before I forgot, I thought with lust that in case of further disobedience, the girl would have to teach a lesson with the help of a whip.
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After the incident in the forest, I had to calm Rebecca for several days and convince her that everything that happened was nothing more than a pleasant game.
I assured her that the next time our love would be more gentle and calm, but the girl seemed to withdraw into herself and no longer respond to my advances or to my gifts.
However, the maidservants told me that at night, in secret from me, Rebecca regularly examines her body and, at times, teasing her virgin pussy.
Based on this information, I made a speculative conclusion, according to which the girl liked love joys, and she acquired a certain affection for them.
Looking at my ward, I came to the conclusion that the propensity to vice is an integral feature of all women.

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, the girl can no longer abandon them, and each time she wants more and more sensations from her lovers.
I myself realized this at the age of thirteen, when I found my older sister in bed with a man.
Deciding to find out how to end the strange meeting, I stood at the bedroom door for about two hours.
During nightlife, a sweet couple showed me an impressive amount of tricks, most of which were extracted not from the arsenal of an aristocratic lady, but from the dirty basement of the most depraved and cheap whores.
At first, I was horrified by what I saw, but eventually I came to the conclusion that my sister’s personal life did not concern me.
Well, if so, then I have no right to judge my elder relative even for the strangest and “unnatural” acts committed to the bed.
In the end, my sister was respected for the acts of charity, as well as for the support she provided to the society of learned magicians.
I think that all the above mentioned advantages easily overlapped the fact that the beloved sister regularly took his mistress straight into the back hole.
By the way, about the anal act, if already talking about him.
In truth, I do not understand why our society is so negative about the above-mentioned form of physical love.
Imperial hypocrites believe that in the ass fuck only complete perverts.
In their opinion, it is dirty and disgusting.
However, at the same time, they welcome the intercourse into a no less “dirty” vagina and literally sing the most sublime praises to such an act. Office hidden camera sex.

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