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She unbuckled the belt, jeans, took them off.
She took off his panties.
She undressed herself naked.

I went to bed and started playing with his penis, which was already swollen.
She took a dick in her mouth and started sucking it.
When he was completely hardened, she sat down on the guy on horseback and began to ride, like a real rider.
Changed posture, sat astride the same, but backwards.
The pubic guy has already become wet from the discharge of Nadi.
The woman again sat down facing the “raped”, accelerated the pace, screamed, leaned over and bit the guy’s chest.
He cried out more from surprise than from pain.
Nadia finished, partner – a few seconds after her.
They lay down, resting, kissing and caressing each other’s hands.
The expression on Nadi’s face suddenly became severe again.
You are late and must be punished.
Become a cancer.
The guy meekly took a knee-elbow position.
A woman smeared it with anal gel, fastened her favorite “toy” of considerable size.
She rudely smashed his ass, then began to slap his palm more and more painfully, saying: There you are! Don’t be late for your mistress! And suddenly, unexpectedly, thrust his weapon into his butt, but shallowly.
A little pushing the “member” in his hole, she whispered: Exhale and

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stand still.
And then sharply deepened.
He screamed in pain, she froze again.
So Nadia tormented her victim, while the boy’s body surrendered to her completely.
She forced to finish him, and finished herself, reveling in his power.
Then she made him go with her into the shower, there he washed him, washed herself.

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Wiped the guy and how should, smeared his weary anus.
Then she put on her lace panties and made him walk across the room in front of her.
Well done.
You will always come to me in ladies’ shorts.
You are severely punished for being late and are now becoming my call girl.
Did you like it? Yes.
That’s it.
Never mind me.
Yes, since there was no rape in the elevator, but there was rape in the apartment, you earned your money.
It doesn’t matter that I fucked you, not you – me.
With these words, she shoved him a hundred bucks under the elastic of pink lace panties and laughed, remembering how she earned that money today.
What are you laughing at? Mood is good.
Naked, she sat on a chair and spread her legs.
Get on your knees and lick me goodbye.
Your tongue should also be developed, not just the ass.
The guy knelt down and plunged his face between her fragrant thighs, carefully licking her.
When Nadia finished, she released the guest.
She began to regularly call the guy from “Sexual Diversity”, and she was always active, and he was forced to be passive.
Sometimes Nadia recalled that three “athletes” were doing with her in the elevator.
She wanted to obey, to be otrychuchennoy everywhere, in all holes.
She could not resist her desire for a long time and once dialed the desired number.
Hello, hello.
Dispatcher is listening.
This is Nadia – liftersha.
3rd Street Builders, Building 4, Building 3.
Tomorrow, August 10, at 16.
Now I will check the database.
Yes, you are in it.
Order is accepted.
Nadia lay back on the sofa, one hand laid on her chest, the other between her legs, and stroking her charms, she began to dream of tomorrow’s meeting with strong boys.
For a long time I looked at the photo, unexpectedly found by me in the Internet.
On it a naked woman with a beautiful figure passionately sucked the male member.
It would seem nothing unusual, because there are many such photos, but the fact that kept me in a stupor for more than 10 minutes was that my wife was in the photo.
At first I tried to drive away this thought, because the girl was wearing a mask, but I could not confuse the elegant figure of my young wife and the birthmark on her sweet ass.
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