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Instead, the hands themselves took hold of the edges of the dress and went up, exposing the hips.
– Take off your pants.
– Followed the next order.

Lyuba stood with a lit cigarette in her hand, and looked appreciatively at the young woman standing in front of the entrance door.
From these words, Julia froze for a split second.
Something inside her stirred, but.
a ringing slap burned her right cheek.
And again the insulting slap responded with a warm heat in the stomach.
Without hesitation, the young woman pulled off her panties, hesitating a bit, stretching them along the boots.
And then, without waiting for a new slap in the face, she raised her hem again, giving the landlady the opportunity to look at a neat little hair on her pubic hair.
– Well

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done, – Lyuba took a stool standing nearby, and placing it in the center of the corridor, sat down, – come here.
– She pointed to her lap.
Yulia could not give herself an answer, why she so unquestioningly obeys this woman, who a week ago even caused some disgust in her, but she came up and laid her stomach on the mistress’s knees, resting her hands on the floor.

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“Will be fined.
“- she thought woozy.
At this time, the hem of her dress was draped over her back, opening access for Lyuba to her bare buttocks.
Julia was already waiting for her to start flogging, and was preparing to take the first blow.
Her pussy was wetted.
But all the blows were not.
– Spread your legs wider.
– The replica from behind was as scrappy and tough as all the previous ones.
Julia spread her legs as far as possible in this position.
But this was not enough, and the hostess adjusted the position of her legs with painful slaps on the inner sides of the thighs.
Ligaments ached in the perineum, so wide legs were divorced.
Unable to see what was happening, Julia listened to sounds coming from behind her.
And there something rustled, apparently something was removed from the plastic bag.
“Well, goat, now I will give you a gift,” with these words something rather large and smooth entered the vagina of a young woman.
A silent moan came off her lips with a light breeze.
The object, having made several frictions and rotations, just shamelessly left the female womb.
And the next moment already rested in the wrinkled ring of the anus.
On the first attempt, the bastion did not fall, so Luba’s hand penetrated under Julia’s stomach, and her fingers, feeling for the clitoris, began to caress him quite roughly.
Having achieved caressing moans from the woman lying on her lap, the hostess pulled her hand out and immediately squeezed her nose and mouth.
The first thing that Julia felt was the smell of her own discharge.
The fingers that were pinching her nose now were all lubricated, slippery. Online indian live sex.

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