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And what dress should I wear? – Nastya was indignant, considering that she was unfairly kept in ignorance.
– We will be with you.
There will be Myrna with Olzhetsch.

Then Angelina and her friend.
And Smirnovs.
Well, Marinochka with her “gelding”, Olga thought, bending her fingers.
– Now it is clear.
– And about the dress.
Put on the set that I gave you for the New Year.
There are enough cutouts for girls to caress you, ”Olga replied with a smile.
– What are you going to be? – asked Nastya.
“In what you saw today.”
Nastya looked questioningly at Olga.
“An hour ago, Angelina in this outfit“ laid out ”you as a seventh-grader,” Olga clarified.
– Ahhh, I remembered.
– Nastya smiled, stroking her crotch under the skirt, through her panties.
Olga glanced at her watch.
She pulled the phone out of her purse.
– Natalia, Elena and Maxim returned? Fine.
Begin to get out.
Today, at 6:00 pm, the house should shine, and by 8:00 pm dinner and snacks for 10 people should be prepared.
By 20: 30 you both should be dressed in what I left for you this morning and without question.
The premium will be in salary.
I will not hurt.
All hope you will not let me down.
Nastya and I will be 18:30.
– Olga spoke smoothly and confidently.
– Honey, go to the movies.
I haven’t been to the cinema for a hundred years.
Laugh at something.
– suggested Nastya.
– With pleasure.
Given that she herself was not very long.
Last time.
5 years ago and then, in an almost empty hall in the back row, as my lover expressed a desire to lick me in a public place.
Although the size and durability of his apparatus allowed him to hope for it, – Olga recalled with a smile on her face.
– That the unit was big? – asked Nastya.
– Not.
He was just huge! I even did not see such in a porno.
Only artificial in Lumila in the store and those to order.
– answered Nastya.
– And why did you let him go? – pinned Nastya.

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– Yes, he narovil me in the ass to use.
What am I, stupid to let him go there with such dimensions? – Olga was indignant.
– And what, really big sizes? – Nastya was numb.
– Well, I did not tell you about him, we measured it somehow.
If you do not lie.
40 by 12 centimeters.
– remembered Olga.
– How many??? I do not believe! – exclaimed Nastya.
– I myself would not have believed if he had not driven me into the slot with such a device.
I then specifically in the middle of the race, climbed down from him and ran to look for the ruler.
– Olga continued.
– Imagine his eyes.
– Nastya laughed.
– Yeah, as I remember.
“Honey, where are you going ???” – a minute later I flew back with a tape measure in my hands and began to measure it.
When I saw the numbers, I almost fainted.
“So how did he get into you?” – Nastya tried to find out the details.
– With difficulty and a large quantity of anal lubrication, since the vaginal was by that time already over.
About the blowjob, I am silent.
Not that take in your mouth.
Could not clasp her lips.
Licked so as not to offend the man.
Eggs sucked off.
– What are you depraved.
– stated Nastya.
– And then

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you did not know? Steering wheels, come on.
– Olga snehidichala.
In the cinema was a festival of Italian cinema and women got to the session “The Taming of the Stubborn.”
– I love this “macho”! – Olga said, seeing the lead artist, Adriano Celentano.
– What a body! What a character! – But he is not beautiful! – exclaimed Nastya.
“Girl, what do you understand in men,” Olga retorted with a smile on her lips.
– The main thing is not external beauty, but internal.
It is we, women, perk up, spend a lot of dough to drag a man into his bed.
And they do not need it.
Here it is worth looking at it.
And that’s it! – Well I do not know.
– Not sure answered Nastya.
– But I know.
You just unlucky with men in life.
How many times have you been told, find yourself a man and be happy.
– I already told you.
I do not like these primates and males! – Nastya snapped.
– Besides, you know, I love only you.
I’m happy.
Happy with you.
I don’t need anyone else, – quietly taking Olga by the arm, Nastya whispered, moving to the entrance to the auditorium.
– I love you very much too.
But I need a male.
– Olga answered.
The end of the fourth part Continuation sluduet.
Julia told me that when she had a fantasy about MZHM, but she never dared to embody her.
Oleg did not become embarrassed, said that everything was in her hands, before her three males, they all laughed.
After drinking a little more, we decided to watch a porn movie, comment.
I do not know why, but then such a silly idea seemed funny to us.
We went, Oleg included porn just group sex.
At the beginning we really commented and translated as we needed. Online sex stories free.

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