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And from this very excited, my pussy just flowed from the excitement, I came home with my soaked panties.
Even a couple of times at work went to the toilet and masturbated.
Previously, I had thoughts to have sex, so that a hot dick entered my pussy

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, now I wanted to fuck a guy in the ass with a strap-on, flog and humiliate in different ways.

One day, it was Thursday, I was at work as always, I was sorting out papers, as my phone rang, I looked who called, it was Lisa who called.
“Hello,” I replied.
– Hi friend.
How are you? – I heard the voice of Lisa, – What are you doing? – Normally, – I answered, – At work, I do paperwork.
Have you arrived already? “Yes, friend,” Lisa said with a laugh, “You can see that you have earned so much that you lost the count of days.”
Yesterday I arrived in the morning.
“Yes, it worked,” I said.
– So, okay, I will not distract you from work, I will say right away that I’m calling, can you come to me after work? – said friend.
– And what happened? – I asked.
– Surprise, come find out.
Come on, kiss, ”answered Lisa and hung up.
The rest of the time, I thought that she had prepared for me a surprise.
As soon as the work day ended, I hurried to my friend.
Lisa opened the door for me, she was dressed in a bathrobe.
Greeting we went into the room and sat on the sofa.
– Well, what a surprise? – I asked with a sinking heart.
“Okay, I won’t be walking around or around,” she began to say, “I told you that I posted ads on various sites.”
I flew in yesterday, decided to check my mail, there were a lot of letters, but I liked one thing.
Although, as they say, it is better to see once.
She brought a laptop and put it on the table, turned it on.
“Look,” said Lisa, and turned the screen toward me.
From what I saw, I just fell into a stupor, on the screen I saw a photo of my husband.
– Aaaaa, where did you get my husband’s ffftfot? – I asked in a rather crooked language.

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“I’m looking, you haven’t understood yet,” answered Lisa, laughing, “Okay, I’ll explain now.”
He wrote to the Lady, that is, to me, asking for a session with me as a slave.
Now I understand? “Yes, but how can this be,” I said, still not believing in it.
“Believe me, girlfriend, how else can it be,” said Lisa with a smile, “I had many married clients, and their wives do not know, and do not even realize that their husbands love BDSM and go to the Mistress for the session.”
So, congratulations girlfriend, you are now one of them! I sat and looked at the laptop screen.
Lisa went to the kitchen and brought a bottle of wine and two glasses.
I poured myself some, and I almost had a full glass, which I drank all over, in one gulp.
– And he was already with you? – I asked a friend.
“No, of course,” answered Liza. “What will you do?” “You know,” I replied, after thinking a little, “Recently, I have been imagining myself the Mistress, and my husband a slave.”
So maybe this is a chance to make dreams come true.
Will you help, girlfriend? “You ask,” Lisa answered happily, “Of course I will.”
Good dream.
Any idea how to do this? – There is one little idea, I answered, – You will accept his offer.
Just need to rent an apartment, he knows your house and porch, he gave me a lift several times, he might be suspicious of something, he had to rent an apartment.
“This has already been decided,” said Liza, “do you think that I accept clients here ?!” Of course not.
I have another apartment, remember I used to live in a small two-room apartment, before moving to this apartment? “Yes, I remember,” I replied.
– So, I did not sell it, I left it, and there I accept everyone.
“This is already good,” I continued, “Now another problem, he saw you, of course, not so often, but he did see, he could recognize.”
“And this is not a problem,” a friend said with a smile, “I am now.”
Lisa got up and went into another room.
A few minutes later she returned.
On her face was a mask, black and leather, covering the floor of the face.
– So how? she asked.
– Great! – I replied, – In this mask, he definitely will not recognize you.
Good mask.
“I have a lot of different accessories,” said Lisa and took off her mask. “What’s next in your plan?” – On Saturday, he works until one o’clock, write to him to come to you on Saturday at one o’clock.
You will order him to undress completely, then force him to lick his pussy and then I will enter.
And all he does not get away with me.
How much time do you need for this? “Twenty minutes,” replied the friend, “I’ll put a collar on him for full conviction.”
– Well, then I will come back after him, in twenty minutes, – I said, – Just do not forget to leave the door open. Online sex video best.

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