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I had the blood and her pussy, which is no longer a virgin.
I read a lot about feelings when you deprive a girl of innocence, but I did not feel like my dick was tearing something in her.
Is that just a little bit.

And now I have entered the Light at full length.
Probably her pussy settled down and I even began to enjoy what was happening.

Light seems to be too.
I entered more and more confidently and a little faster.
And then I realized that I was going to finish.
It was strange, I finished ten minutes ago, the second time is always long, but nevertheless my member was now in such a place that I could not stand it.
I pressed Sveta tightly to me and felt like sperm jets pass through my hose.
Thank god I’m in a condom.
Sveta understood everything and kissed me on the cheek.
She herself did not finish.
We lay for three minutes, and only then I pulled my limp friend out of her vagina.
I expected to see blood – but it was not.
Apparently the deprivation was a success, I read that this also happens.
I tied the condom into a knot so that the sperm did not run out and threw it on the floor next to the bed.

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We embraced with Sveta, I burrowed into her blond straight hair and closed my eyes.
I felt like I was falling into a nap.
The last thought before going to bed was a blurry picture: a mop of dark curly hair, moans and an atmosphere of wild sex.
Sex, which I do not yet shine in the arms of my girlfriend.

Before you begin this story, I will clarify a little.
In the first story, I mentioned that my wife is 24 and I am 27.
That was our age for the events described in the first story.
At the moment, she is 27, and I, respectively, 30.
Well, now the story itself.
My wife and I usually go to the cottage for the weekend.
And once (in the summer of 2007) we had to go together with my wife for the weekend, we usually go to the country.
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