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Rabbit ears pass webcam.
Parents, meanwhile, were closely watching the clock.
As soon as it took 5 minutes after removing the enema tip from the daughter’s bum (this time was usually carefully fixed), the father lifted the girl out of bed and put them on the pot.
This had to be done very quickly, so that she would not have time to crap oneself on the way.

“Clap-prrr!”, A characteristic sound was heard, and the injected liquid, along with blurred feces and gases, burst out noisily and flowed into the pot.
Sandra profusely evicted and finally got a welcome feeling of relief, accompanied by an unusual ease in the stomach.
The used enema spray, often left right there on the couch, seemed to be smiling and saying to the girl: “Well, I knew it would be like that! I always get my way!”
Now he seemed to Sandra to look like a big, tasty orange, which for some reason could not be eaten.
At the tip of the spray can often be seen brown precipitation from the feces of the girl, which appeared when he forcibly crammed into her ass. Rabbit ears pass webcam.

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