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When we fell asleep, it was already brighter.
In the morning something has changed.
Ira somehow tried to keep silent.

It seemed to me that she was not at ease because of the fact that it happened between us.
We dressed drank coffee, and I myself said: “Ira, I should probably leave,” he did not even ask, but I said.
– Yes.
I’ll call.
I called a taxi on my mobile phone and lit it outside the gate of this house.
It was Saturday, a sunny day, but I didn’t even want to leave the house.
And suddenly it hit me like a shock.
And what if after that night Ira doesn’t call me again? She must have realized that she had crossed that line.
Weekend passed somehow.
I did not find a place for myself, went with a mobile phone and to the bathroom, and to the toilet, afraid to miss the call. Read sex stories free online.

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