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Natalya paid the fare, went out and looked at her watch: there were still 15 minutes before the start of the lesson, she still had time to drop into the lavatory (it was about 5 minutes to go to school).
Natasha quickly reached the school and, without entering the teacher’s room, ran to the toilet, but when entering the institution, the head teacher stopped her and asked to go urgently with her to the office and write some kind of statement.
“Only this was not enough yet,” thought Natasha, she was no longer just that strong, but very much wanted to shit.

But I had to go.
She entered the head teacher’s office, sat down at the table and began to write a statement.
When Natasha finished writing the last lines, the bell rang for the lesson.
Natalya finished her application and decided to ask the head teacher for permission to be late for a lesson, because she really needs to go to the restroom.
And it was in vain.
The head teacher was very interested, she said that it was time for the students to demonstrate that not only they, but also the teachers, endure when they really want to go to the toilet.
She did not allow Natasha to go anywhere and even led her to the door of the class so that she herself did not run into the sanitary room.
Going into the class, Natalya thought to herself that she would now have her booty pressed against the chair and would somehow endure 45 minutes, she had to endure the train once at the station and then she also wanted to do so much more.
Natasha did just that: went in, greeted her 10th class, sat down and dictated the topic of the lesson. Sex and the city 2 watch online.

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