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And the Italians who were present at that show, even a few days when they met with us, greeted us very cordially, gleefully looking at Katya.
Now about the bath.
To visit us on the May holidays, on shashlyk-bashlykh (we live in a cottage, in the fresh air) our friends came – a married couple Alexey and Svetlana – from Moscow.

Lech came from our places, after graduation he went to conquer the capital, where he succeeded in business and married a Muscovite – Svetlana.
Our wives immediately became friends, and we also stayed with them in a large four-room apartment when we were in Moscow, and they also arranged a cultural program for us with visits to theaters and ceremonial alcohol and party places for the advanced public.
So, having satiated with kebabs and vodka, and realizing that the time was not later, and was no longer climbing, we decided to heat our bath.
Well, not a bathhouse, but a sauna with a pool.
Went to bathe, it turned out that the guests did not have swimming trunks and swimsuits.
I brought huge sheets from the two-seaters, we wrapped ourselves like the ancient Greeks, went to the steam room.
In the pool they decided to swim in turns so that you could undress.
All this, of course, was not convenient, and the situation, to our surprise with Lehoy, was defused by our girls, or rather, his wife.
In one of the exits to the pool, they, apparently, still grunted the intoxicating, after which absolutely naked Sveta (she was wearing only a hat for the steam room and slippers) looked into our steam room and said: – No, what are you, children that are small, were the sheets covered up? Sex and the city final episode watch online.

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