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Despite the gloomy suit, she looked quite beautiful: tall, with high breasts, regular features and wonderful blue eyes.
Without a doubt, in the light, in the world, she was the cause of many sights, sighs and even tears of young and mature men.
But now it’s over.

Having entered the cell in a quiet walk, she crossed herself, lit a wax candle, and began to unmask.
Left in one shirt, she slightly lowered her.
A pair of pink, elastic breasts, as if freed from the pressure of an invisible hand, looked out in the shirt section, teasing with their nipples.
After standing for a while, the hegumene moved the easy chair to the table, put down the candle and sat down, looking in the mirror.
Squinting her eyes, she flared up her imagination, as if admiring herself.
It helped her to get drunk with intoxicating minutes.

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Thin finger touched pink sponges.
and a smile of pleasure ran over her face.
Having caressed herself for about two minutes, she took a small pillow and, having attached a perfectly made rubber male member to it, began to tease them with sponges.
Her breathing became quickened, convulsive crotch of the perineum indicated the approach of the strongest moment of arousal.
The nun quickly pressed her pillow with a member and froze.
The small pillow moved quickly – now moving closer to the delicate lips, then pulling away from them.
The nun gasped and jumped on the chair.
His face burned, his eyes were damp and half-closed.
Another moment – and her head lay back, her eyes completely closed, and the heavy blond braid fell to the floor.
A short distance away, behind the temple, a gazebo was nestled in a niche of stone fencing.

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Moonlight trickles down through the foliage and plays in round spots on a broad bench.
Two nuns sit on the bench, tightly pressed against each other.
One seemingly eighteen, the other for twenty.
The younger one is a blond, tall girl, with a high lush breast, with the gentle color of a rather pleasant face.
Beautiful waist lines, expanding at the pelvis, form a gentle bend.
The other one is older – of medium height, has a slightly pale face with an open forehead.
Brilliant, pitch black eyes betray the southern nature, the passionate nature.
She is excited by intimacy with her friend and moonlight.
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