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Part 1.
Aunt Valya.
He who did not live in a communal apartment does not know what this means.
This is a separate little world, with its wars, truces, “nations – I mean families”, the demarcation of space.
This is a repetition of our ugly world in a single room.
Here in this apartment I lived, up to 20 years.
We lived in the same room: me and my mother.
I must admit that it was the largest room in the apartment – 22 square.
There were three more rooms: 10, 14 and 16 squares.
Of course there was a shared bathroom combined with a toilet and a kitchen.
The kitchen was about 15 meters.

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There were 4 tables, a gas stove and a sink.
6 people lived in the apartment: I am with my mother; Aunt Valya – working as a waitress in a restaurant; Uncle Kolya is a drunken musician; and the retiree woman Stuir with her husband, grandfather Gena.
The instigator in everything was Baba Stuir.
No scandal, no initiative took place without it.
But the conversation is not about her.
Aunt Valya, of course, this is not my dear aunt, she was younger than my mother.
We can be said, were friends of families.
If this is possible in a communal.
At least, I often remained in the care of the latter, if the mother went somewhere in the evenings.
So, I freely went to her room without asking permission.
While I was little, she also changed clothes in front of me and did her other women’s affairs.
So I grew up, hardening in internecine battles, and searching for a place in life.
Of course, in due time, I became interested in women.
Communal and so good that if the room is not locked with a key or hook, then in general, then anyone can enter without knocking.
The closest object of my observations was Aunt Valya.
And it doesn’t matter that she was 20 years older than me.
But I could enter without knocking, when she changed clothes, or walking around the room in a nightie.
Crawl under the table, or bed, and with interest pry, what is it under her dress.
Of course, Aunt Valya was young, she lived alone in a room and, of course, it was not without cavaliers.
In the time I was describing, I was very interested, but what are the two of them in the room, behind closed doors doing? I was curious.
Tried to enter, but it did not work.
He listened quietly under the door, and even tried to pry – into the keyhole.
At the most I achieved: it was a stifled whisper, muffled moans and the creaking of a bed.
The years went by.
By age 14, I already considered myself an adult.
According to the stories of friends, he “knew” what a man and woman were doing in bed.
He viewed with interest the rare, filthy numbers of Playboy (but colored), and black and white small photographs.
There was then a fashion for homemade cards with naked women.
Well, of course, the scourge of all adolescents – masturbation.
I did not have a girlfriend, so I went to the movies and birthdays with girls.
By this time my mother got a promotion. Sex asian webcam.

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