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Do not be with them two girls, they would, without doubt, stuck with me.
One of them sent an unambiguous dirty little joke to my address.
The other, in the subject, answered him: – Yes, this is a local confused, do not know, Bob! From work goes.

I got drunk, like a pig, and the trees are sprinkling.
– I wish it through Rotterdam – to Pupenhagen! – made a third and made a temperamental reciprocating movements with his hands and hips, like the American singer Michael Jackson on stage.

I was scared and quickly moved to the opposite side of the insidious night street, so as not to follow the dangerous company.
But, alas, there was no other way; our outhouse was located just along the route of the youth.
All the way, I was shaking like an aspen leaf, pictorially imagining how juvenile scumbags rape me.
Paradoxically, but from these “scary” fantasies I subconsciously felt good, and I even regretted that this did not happen in reality.
When I finally got to the house, Olenka was still awake.
– Where have you been, you strayed?

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She asked sternly, meeting me in the corridor and becoming the dominant position and mistress of the position in the picture pose.
I, embarrassedly drooping my eyes, fully aware of my guilt, wanted to quietly, like a mouse, slip past.
My mouth was unpleasant, and I was afraid that Olga would smell a sharp smell.
In addition, it was uncomfortable in wet panty and I wanted to quickly change clothes and wash.
But it was impossible to make it so that the daughter did not see: we did not have a bath or a shower in the wing, and we washed in the kitchen in the trough.
“Why don’t you answer when someone asks you?” – annoyed, starting something vaguely suspect, cried Olga and roughly grabbed my hand.
Gradually, she took on many of Christine’s habits, and, in part, Natalia, and sometimes turned into a real shrew, so I was no longer afraid of her at such moments.
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