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Ogres began to eat the food they had brought, some of which were fruits as ordered.
– And who will be born then

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? – I said, not believing that in general I can say this.
“Look at my father,” said Arigol, “and then at me.”

I used to catch the thought that there are differences between them.
“I was born of a man-woman,” said the king.
– It can not be – involuntarily left me, but I already knew that I could.
– The human woman is so arranged that she can conceive and endure almost any of the intelligent beings on Earth.
In the case of an ogre, the human genes are suppressed and the one that you see is born.
I am a 99% ogre, but there is a human drop in me.
– And who is your mother? – I asked for some reason – “She was the queen,” Amtrok said proudly.
Then he leaned over to me and said: – Do you think why I asked you to show your chest? A little panic began to take hold of me.
“Because,” continued the king, “you are of royal blood, and this is indicated by the halo around your nipples.”
A common woman is practically unable to conceive from an ogre.
I began to eat, thinking about what I heard.
Having a little bite, she said: – I am still very young and I don’t know if it’s ready.
– Your body is ready.
It remains only for your desire.
Amtrock picked up a small greenish fruit from a fruit bowl.
“This is what helps to get pregnant,” he said, showing him to me, “This is a parikuana, growing in our country too.”
It has the properties for some time to remove pain from the cervix and completely weaken it for penetration.
A conception is possible only with the direct injection of sperm into the uterus.
I now understand why the member Arigol could enter me entirely.
Sure, I tried this fruit that day.
Ogres led me, taking advantage of my ignorance.

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“You’re ready to try again today,” both ogres looked at me intently, and Amtrok put the fruit of parikuanas in my hand.
I had two options: either throwing the fruit directly into the face ogr or go to meet them and eat.
I twisted it in my hands, looking at it.
Then she put it in her mouth and chewed, swallowed.
– Well, now you are quite beautiful.
And from these words or from everything that was done with her here, Tetu begins to shake.
Only now she understands how her body trembles and vibrates, how everything inside burns with fire, how her breasts and lower abdomen blaze, how she should immediately, now, to its full length.
She looks hopefully, but no, Andrey quietly inserts the belt into the trousers and is not at all going to unbutton them.
Well, please, well, please, please.
Insert, blow, set, fuck, fuck.
The same can not be tolerated.
A little more and she screamed out loud.
But you can not voice, it is impossible to voice.
Well, at least someone, because I’m beautiful.
Well, if you want, I’ll suck you all, just fuck at least someone.
But no.
– Svetik, unpack girlfriend.
And already Svetik leads her backwards to her, on pinched legs.
You have to hold the halves of jeans with your hands and hold them, trying to cover the lower abdomen.
There are almost no people, and those who do meet do not pay any attention to the two girls.
– Be patient a little – Svetik persuades.
– Come on, I’ll give you my vibrator.
Only quickly, only three hours left.
Svetik well understood what Theta is carrying now.
She herself was battered and so was a lot harder, and still, Tetu was painfully sorry for her.
Svetik knew that there, on the other side, was a vice and torture, but Theta did not know it yet.
And when they came, she shoved her super-vibrator, Vadim’s gift, at a moment taught them how to use and waited until the last while Teta time and again released herself from an agonizing desire.
– Andrey is delighted with you.
– Svetik clings to a complex harness of red belts, decorated with sewing, puts on a collar, woven from rings.
On the collar silver shields with the number one.
– Excited? He only tortured me, did not even touch.
– He’s a super knife.
He can bring anywhere with one knife, without a single scratch.
And the fact that he did not give you cum – you want a lot of honey.
He doesn’t communicate with women at all, only that he felt you, played with you, thrashed a little bit – of course, delighted.
If he did not like you, he would give you to Sasha.
Then I would understand how to torture.
– And Sasha, who is this? – Sasha is his companion. Sex movies online free watch.

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