Sex stories online for free.

Sex stories online for free.
So one summer day, my beloved told me that she wanted to go with her girlfriend to work in a summer camp, that in the Anchor slot near the city of Sochi.
Of course, I began to resist this, the prospect of being alone for a whole month (and she decided to leave her daughter with the mother-in-law) did not please me.
We even quarreled and did not talk the whole evening.

But then she took it and blurted out, she already knew my weak points: What do you feel sorry for?
Well, somebody will fuck me there, but I’ll tell you everything anyway.
true true! After these words, I fucked her all night.
And three days

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later she left, with the promise to invent more “fascinating” stories.
Certainly that it could be in real life was out of the question! The first days without her, saved the World Cup, but then.
Cell then was still a luxury, so the first call had to wait a few days.
Hello! With my daughter everything is OK! I am ok.
I could not speak, the whole body trembled as if from a fever.
Well, tell me soon, I thought.
Well then, okay, bye, kiss.
Uh-uh, what about.
this? You promised? What else is nobody? Oh, there is no time to think about it, but some signs are already appearing.
Well, bye for now.
and hung up.
I was angry.
I had to pick up “the signs that appear” and go to bed.
At night, the phone rang again: Hello, it’s me again! I guess how angry you are now! I could not tell you about everything, my friend was standing next to me.
And so everything is OK! Yesterday it was! Generally fuck me! I’ll come tell you how it was.
By the way, maybe today he will come again on a motorcycle, he apparently liked yesterday to fuck me.
all bye bye! There has never been such an onanism in my life! I jerked off day and night! Representing in the smallest detail how she fucks with another! And the desire to hear it from her just drove crazy.

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Days went by, and there were no more calls! As the mother-in-law said that the wife had called and asked to be transferred that the phone was disconnected from them, and that she would arrive soon.
I considered the hours until the moment when this happens, when I see my wife again! And this day has come! She’s back! We did not take the daughter so as not to frighten the child.
At home, I prepared a surprise for my dear little wife, but she did not even know about it.
Returning from the restaurant, we were no longer able to stretch the pleasure of meeting with each other.
What are you tanned! And what is your body smooth from sunburn! Yes, only my shaved cunt and thin strip on the pope are white, do you want to show it? Not! Not?! Not.
tie your eyes and get cancer! I gave her a bandage.
Ltd! It excites me! she put on a bandage and got cancer in the center of our “airfield”. Spread a little legs, bend your back and do not move! Don’t move at all! Completely? Yes, absolutely! If you move, I will not give you pleasure! But I did not even take off her panties.
Nothing wrong.
She stood cancer and did not move.
I admired this creature.
And how long will I still stand? I was silent.
You are a tempter! I kept silent.
Are you even here? Can you shoot me on camera? having said this she stirred Not move, I said! Once again, I will stop everything! And you still have not started anything, she wiped it off It seems so to you! A few more minutes passed.
I was silent.
She did not move! Aaaa! I guessed! You probably called my friend? And she told everything! I remained silent.
Similarly, she told everything! Well then listen! What a good fellow I thought, she guessed! And the main thing is that it does not move at all! Totally! Well, it must be messed up.
even told you in what position I fucked! That’s why you put me like that! Nothing can be trusted friends.
Are you silent? Well be silent, be silent.
Now you have a good idea of ??how I looked when I was fucked.
yes, yes it is fucked, not fucked! Oh what am I running ahead? Keep going I could not stand it from the Anchor slot, but worked with us in one shift, also a counselor! Every day came on a motorcycle! All the girls from him were crazy, one I did not pay attention.
Apparently it hurt him.
I already went to bed, and before bedtime I decided to masturbate.
I let the panties down, and suddenly I heard: – Let’s help? I was frightened to open my eyes and saw him, he apparently came in when I was moaning, then the doors did not close. And where was the girlfriend at the time? Listen, do not interrupt !.
I was ashamed that he had caught me in such an occupation, but I told him that I could handle it perfectly. Sex stories online for free.

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