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The waiter, swallowing saliva, said that I should not worry about it, looking at me as I stroked the ax lying on the table and left in the direction of the kitchen.
Time went by, the waiter did not return with the order, and Asgar continued to beat my nerves, with his lisping and ugly “singing.”
If the first I could understand, meat without magic in five minutes is not ready, then the second finally got me.

I decided to give him a “rest”, unwinding the chain little by little, began to admit Ross to him.
She walked very slowly, gradually gathering views on herself, the last of which was guessing whose.
Get away from me or creature.
– He shouted at her and shut up the same one, seeing me look at him angrily, stretching out my hand to the ax.
Ross approached him and gently whispered in his ear what I asked.
And after a second, he seemed to be magically, but without magic, he transferred to his favorite place at the table – next to the daddy and surrounded by women.
Now all the attention was completely directed to me.
Rossi returned to the scene, the waiter brought our order, a musical band appeared on the scene.
Toultir was calm, even when Asgar pleaded with imploring him from the stage, looking for support against me, but as soon as we began the meal, he again found something to say: the Slave does not have the right to touch the food from the table of the free.
As you say, sir, I answered loudly, trying to shout over the orchestra playing behind my back.

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I looked at Ross.
She looked at the meat with sadness, swallowing saliva.
Do you want – I asked, smiling.
I took one piece and brought it to her face, saw him she licked her lips.
Open your mouth – I said and.
began to feed her with it.
In the hall came the disgruntled whispers.
Some of the fair sex, seeing such courtship, began to look with envy at their companions.
Asgar sat viciously writhing his face, without touching the food.
looking at him, Morna covered her mouth

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with a napkin to hide a smile.
And we, by the time, continued to gobble up piece by piece.
Wine? – I asked Rossa.
How do you say the owner! She answered.
I smiled and opened the bottle, lifted it high above my head.
For my appointment, success in service and a long and happy life – I said the first toast, and again made me know, looking like I was holding a drink in my hand, which they intelligently drink in small glasses for small talk, slashing it from my throat like ordinary water.
For my beautiful slave – I said the following toast, filled my mouth full of wine and holding the chain closer to the collar, pulled Ross to me and.
merged with her in a kiss forcing the wine to splash in our mouths flowing back and forth.
And then Ross surprised me, responding unexpectedly reciprocate.
Covering my hands behind my head, she turned the usual kiss into a passionate by running a tongue into my mouth and wrapping it around mine.
Unforgettable pleasure.
Her rough tongue gave a kind of exotic kiss.
From enjoyment, I slightly slid down the chair because of what the girl had to turn around, leaving a part of her ass, which I immediately covered with my hand, began to knead and caress, to the public, who began to share in several camps with my understanding of what was happening: someone was indignant so shameless behavior, someone thought that I had demonstrated a great way of circumventing some laws, or simply secretly got pleasure, some couples under the influence of not happy girls, wanted to repeat what was happening.
Rossi did not calm down, greedily caressing my neck and back and kissing furiously, closing her eyes from pleasure. Sex toys online uk.

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