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Every morning, the maids undressed the girl, handcuffed her hands behind her back, put shackles on her legs, silenced her mouth with a small gag in the shape of a ball, led to the toilet, and then washed in the shower, not losing the opportunity to “play” swollen and very sensitive from constant arousal nipples.
After finishing the water procedures, the slave was taken into a small room and, tied to a large chair with a high back and pulled out of the mouth gag, fed with a spoon as a child.
The food was not bad, but without the extra culinary fudge.

After the morning meal, the servant girls forced their wards to thoroughly rinse their mouth with some pleasant liquid and then stopped it again.
Ilana tried several times to talk to the servants, but all attempts to establish contact were in vain.

The girls just squinted their eyes without uttering a word.
Between themselves, they exchanged gestures, and the girl did not even hear their voices.
Having finished the morning ritual, the prisoner was taken back to the bedroom, where she was dressed and prepared for the day ahead.

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Slave vestments went according to a strictly established procedure.
After removing the chains from their feet, the maids seated Ylana on the bed and pulled on the tights in the form of a fine mesh with a cutout between the legs.
Next, followed by a narrow black latex melt with sewn into the jumper plugs for the anus and vagina.
After that, the maids stretched tight-toed legs on the legs of the kind that riders wear, with the only difference that these boots were high-heeled stilettos.
And to top it off, Ilana was wearing shackles with a thin but strong chain, which allowed them to make rather narrow steps.
When the bottom of the wardrobe was finished, the slaves were removed handcuffs.
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