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Meeting with him always ended with some new adventure.
He loves to tune the most unusual situations.
Constantly draws us into various piquant stories.

He is older than us.
He is about 35-37 years old.
Fairly respectable man.
But this is not the main thing.
))) In anticipation of the most pleasant continuation of the day, I rushed to Anya to work.
When I arrived, Sergey was already in place.
Yes, and not one.
He introduced us to his colleague Denis.
The evening will be just wonderful “- I thought.
Denis is a rather large man, about the same age as Sergey.
They sat at the table and sipped vodka.
My Ann, having drunk martini pretty well, chatted about something fun.
Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes glittered. Sexy pantyhose models.

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