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His eyes literally burned her.
She got up, walked up to Harry without any grace, and knelt before him.
Harry smiled ominously, ran his hand through the white airy hair of Narcissus.

After that, he said: Well, you are quite obedient, – he turned his head, – Ron, come here.
A friend reluctantly approached him.
Stand next to me.
Now Mrs. Malfoy will pay for her insolence, – having said this, Harry unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his already risen member.
Narcissa looked at him with eyes round with horror.
Ron, what are you waiting for, do the same as me.
A few seconds later, in the face of Mrs. Malfoy, there were already two dicks standing ready to rush into battle.
She inhibited looked from one gun to another. Sexy webcam solo.

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