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My wife moaned and squirmed, repeating: – More, more, more.
Tengiz looked at me and at my hanging member and said: – Nothing, now he will quickly get up.
I know what you need, now we will do six by nine.

Let’s crawl under Katya, with your head to her pussy.
Lie on your back, like this.
Katya, suck on her husband, and he will lick you.
Wife silently took my dick in her mouth and screamed, as Tengiz did not stop her mad fucking.
His dick walked back and forth in her cracked vagina, like a piston in an engine.
Then he stuck it in her ass, and he entered easily, without hindrance, because the anus had already been so well developed by that moment that it did not even close when Tengiz changed my wife’s holes.
From all this, my cock began to swell.
I raised my head, stuck out my tongue and began to pull at the clitoris.
Tengiz’s huge hairy eggs walked right across my face, smearing his sweat over me.
I could smell it, the smell of his discharge, which, mixing with the smell of my beloved, was charming, they wanted to suffocate.
I was already wildly excited, and Katya, biting my flesh, made me a blowjob with frenzy.
It was painful and pleasant.
I also violently began to lick her, and not only the eggs of Tengiz, but his cock touched my face, mouth, tongue.
At one of the moments of the change of the holes of my wife, he missed the vagina and fell right into my mouth.
At that moment I thought my brain would burst from over-excitement: a hefty cock in my mouth! I’m not gay, I love women, but.
At that moment, for some reason, I really wanted to be not even gay, but a man who voluntarily suffers humiliation from another man. Spy cam nude boy.

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