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I followed, the heat had not yet left the bathhouse, the fire crackled in the stove, and there was practically no smoke.
– Get down on the shelves, I’ll walk around with a broom, – Artyom turned to me and stared in surprise, giving him an opportunity to examine himself.
The guy was athletically built up – a strong torso, muscular arms betrayed in him a person not by hearsay familiar with sports, which did not fit in with the open, almost childlike look of large eyes with “cow” eyelashes.

– Well? So we will stand or how? – I scooped water from the barrel with a ladle and splashed onto the furnace stones, which caused their displeased hiss and the steam room was shrouded in hot steam.
This served as a signal for Artem and he climbed onto the shelves without objection.
He lay on his stomach and even turned away from the wall.
Without concealing a smile, I dipped a birch broom and walked for a start over his legs.
While dispersing the steam and smoke with my movements, I involuntarily sighed and the hot humid air burned me from the inside, I already choked.
At that moment, although a very lively thought flashed through my head, I did not think at all about the situation.
I am in a bath, half-naked, with a stranger half-naked man, and even soar with his broom, and a few dozen meters my husband and friends.
She continued to overlap Artyom on the back and legs, but he stubbornly remained silent, turning to the wall.
– Come ka turn over.
– I slightly pushed the guy with my hand, he reluctantly turned over onto his back, putting his chest under my broom and everything below is attached to it.

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Artyom looked at me with the eyes of a naughty child, because in fact I was the same as his mother, and without paying attention to it, I walked with a broom through his body, leaving birch leaves on the skin.
The guy’s pants got wet and his cock was contoured through the fabric.
And the thought flashed through my mind, “But what member can such a strong guy have? – judging by the relief very much even to myself.
“And at this moment, apparently having made an awkward movement, I was left without a cover — the towel shamelessly slipped on the floor.
Artem has already widened his eyes, and his member treacherously raised his underpants, reacting to this event in his own way.
Toli heat turned my head, toli female nature responded to the impulse of the male member with a wet cloth, a wave of wild desire passed inside me and I passionately wanted this member.
I dropped the broom ,.
put her hand on Artyom’s member, still covered with her underpants, felt how he immediately tensed and with one movement of her hand freed HIM from wet captivity.
In my palm it turned out to be quite thick, perhaps 18 centimeters, an aggregate, and this is not yet in a standing state.
I looked Artyom in the eyes: – Do you want me? “Yes,” he whispered, not taking his eyes off me.
I ran my fingers over his penis, clasped a little lower head and pressed her lips to her.
Artyom let out some animal sigh and somewhat arched his back, putting his cock in my mouth.
I took a deep breath and sucked the head of the

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penis in myself immediately licking her tongue.
Apparently the guy was not accustomed to oral sex, because his body shook and his fingers clutched at the shelves, it seemed to me that he was about to finish.
But he pulled himself together and allowed me to continue.
Moving my hand along the trunk of the penis, I pushed it deeper and deeper into my mouth until my lips rested against the scrotum.
Having penetrated so deeply, the member blocked my breath and I with a noise took it out of myself.
Inspired by sucking and nadrachivaniem Artyom, I did not immediately feel like his hand, slipping on my booty fingers penetrated between my legs and already stroking my clitoris.
The impulse of excitement pierced through me and I began to flow, feeling this by how easily Artem’s fingers entered my pussy. Watch free movies sex online.

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