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As soon as I stepped out of the compartment, I ran into a small and thin guy of about 14 years of age, his mother accompanied him in the compartment.
His name was Cyril.
We exchanged a few words with his mom, she asked me to look after him, it turns out that her finger is the first year of uni and goes to her grandmother in warm places to relax and gain strength.

My daughter and wife chatted among themselves, and I decided to make a company for the boy and started a conversation about fishing and sports, the boy did not support me, there was a strange one or hesitated me, barely telling me the conversation somehow didn’t go.
I offered him a drink of beer and oddly enough he agreed, we drank 2 liters with him by clicking on the glasses of chin-chin, sorry there was no vodka, we got loose on various topics, started talking about hockey, about strong drinks and stopped talking about girls and women .
It turns out my neighbor coupe is still a virgin.
I began to persecute stories about women, he was shy.
Then I asked the boys to try? I was even more shy, his cheeks turned purple.
We are in the village of Chirikeyevo, that in the Ulyanovsk region since childhood they have sucked each other and did not hesitate about it.
He became very unpleasant, he left the compartment.
I was very excited, my cock reared and I could not tolerate.
I also went out, I do not smoke, I decided to go to the toilet to wash.
I opened the toilet door, and my neighbor in the compartment is sitting there and crying.
I gently hugged him, stroked his head, took his pants off of him, crucified his pisyun and began saying with his tongue, then began to suck slightly.
He was very pleased, tears in his eyes began to dry up.
Then I unbuttoned the pants of my pants and bent his head to my crotch, lightly tapping the member on his lips, then the alcohol played its role, I told him in a wakeful tone- Suck !!! He began to suck, he sucked carelessly, but for a long time, I could not finish it, I turned him with the crustaceans, let go of his pants with his underpants and saw a delicate pink ring that looked at me and wanted me to enter it.

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From overexcitement I drooled and for some reason I leaned towards his butt with my tongue and began to lick his butt.
The spanking was very sweet and gentle, I never caressed my butt, but it was a great pleasure, I never experienced anything like it in my life, although after this incident I licked quite a few butts, after oral caressing his priests I forced him to wet my saliva member and began to enter his ass, it was very painful for him, he squealed and his butt was shaking from the tension.
I put on and

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entered, his pain began to dull and he began to sit down on my dick myself, I blithe it up, it was the height of bliss, a young guy jumped on my penis like a girl and sniffed and puffed, my dick jerked and was born in his ass my thick sperm, I turned his mouth a little bit to him before the tonsils, then kissed him on the lips, and he knocked off the remnants of my own sperm in my mouth, it was a limitless high.
I already had this before, although my mistress Katya Romanova, who now works in the company, did a little different to the comus.
Once she went to a call to taxi drivers and they fucked her all night there, brought her at 8 am to my work on Moscow highway 11, a bumper store, Katya was all in sperm and I licked every hole, especially my ass and mouth, the youngster swallowed someone else’s sperm and could not get enough of it.
But this is another story.
I returned to the compartment and Leo went to sleep. Cyril stood in the corridor for a long time and thought, but then he also went into the compartment and lay down to rest.
The morning came I went to the restaurant car, we had breakfast with family and Cyril, Cyril looked at me with love eyes, then we again went to the toilet with him and he sucked me, then merged with him in a passionate kiss.
Before we reached Anapa, we exchanged phone numbers and began to give each other a text message and ring up.
It is a pity that the next sex between us was only 2 years old at my work, but that is another story.
To be continued.
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