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She, of course, didn’t file any of the fact that there was something else between us.
I returned to the ward, avoiding the looks of my neighbors, and lay down in bed, with my face buried in the pillow.
I felt so guilty, love, because I gave up to get pleasure, even though I, of course, could not prevent anything.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I knew it was Celia.
“She is.
? “I nodded.
“It makes us solidary.
“I did not answer.
I really wanted to sleep.
I soon fell asleep.
I stayed in the hospital for three more days, and I was waiting for three more enemas.
When I was given a second enema, I hoped that after the pain I would get pleasure.
I was wrong.
There was only pain.
A lot of pain.
And no reward for good behavior.
I returned to bed exhausted and defeated.
Celia understood from the expression on my face what had happened, or rather what had happened.
“She only does this when she wants to,” she said.
“and to some girls she never does that.
To those who, in her opinion, could speak out.
Her parents (she nodded at Maud, who was asleep or pretending, as usual), live in India. Watch hbo real sex online.

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