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Olga before birth, well, somewhere about two weeks, probably.
– One leg here, the other there.
– Gone.

– Lidki threw an expressive look at me.
– We will sit here on the bench.
– They decided to gossip? At home, in the hallway, she took off her coat, then a sweater, pulled down soft leggings, showing her naked body.
I was quickly sent to the kitchen, lay out products.
Half an hour later we were sitting at the table, drinking tea – we are at home, she is again in her robe and nightgown.
“I don’t know how to thank you.”
To the store now is not particularly reach.
– Belly attracted my attention.
And I could not do anything with myself.
Dick had already noticed this and the klyster had written to me, barely able to retire.
To which I responded with a hot kiss and a dive for the jeans belt and the elastic of the panties.
She did not particularly resist, but stopped further escalation of action.
“Everything is choking me now.”
I can only here in this.
And sometimes just naked.
– A freedom-loving girl will.
– Lidka giggled – we had already slapped a couple of glasses with her, and Olga was just tapping a glass with juice.
Pregnancy, however.
– This is how it goes.
– I was fine.
On the right is Dickie’s warm thigh, opposite to the alluring belly and no less appetizing breasts of Olga.
– Immediately you can not guess.
– What is Yuri? Going to? – I took a sip of tea, again slid his eyes over the protruding nipples.
– Must be about to come.
Day after tomorrow.

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– She straightened her breasts, stroked her stomach.
My suddenly licked her lips.
You know, like a kitten, hunting pigeons – quickly, predatory, gracefully.

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For me, it was a signal – it is excited.
Are we both excited by pregnant Olga? The apartment is one-room, even if the room is large, does not imply the overnight stay of guests.
Therefore, we went to bed, as it should be, on an expedition – in a camping manner.
Olga on the bed, we are on the floor, on a huge mattress.
Having rotated on it for half an hour, having creaked a mattress on the parquet, I pulled the bed to the floor, and the mattress drifted into a corner, shyly leaning against the wall.
There was no particular furniture.
Removable and removable.
What have they moved here? Would live themselves also in the studio.
Well, yes, independent.
Better say that with your parents for some reason they entered into contra actions about pregnancy.
Yes, well, it’s their family, their problems.
It was hard on the floor, but nothing creaked.
I fell asleep, under the measuring boo-boo-boo women from the kitchen.
The motivation was more interesting.
Someone stepped over me, and my eyes in half-dark, diluted with light from a street lamp, opened the ass.
Naked female ass.
But not Lidka.
Oh, it’s Olga! Naked pregnant Olga, the collapse of all the imagined images that had previously appeared in the mind, fantasies, was absolutely beautiful.
Even the belly was not as huge as it seemed to me at first.
– Sleeping? – whispered Dick, feeling his hand in front of him.
Is she drunk? When did you have time? Phew – And if I did.
What naked ass did not see? – Get some sleep.
– Olga turned to face me, immediately highlighting his contour, but having covered her breasts, abdomen and lower abdomen in the dark.
– And quiet.
Do not wake up.
He suffered today.
“And we were sleeping for an hour the night before.”
– Dick giggled.
– So, usually, he is like an elk, but exhausted at night, and as he lay down, he immediately disconnected.
Listen, are you already drowned? Hot! – With these words, she straightened, pulled the shirt off of her.
– You sleep on the floor.
– Olga has already climbed onto the bed, and now she was whispering, slightly bending over the side in the legs.
– It can blow.
– He’s like a stove.
And if I start to freeze, I’ll wake up.
and there will be a sauna.
– But the gyros were out of order, mine, could not cope with the roll, fell on me. Www live sex chat com.

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