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What did she mean to know then I did not succeed, because I started a hot period in my life – exams at school, admission to college.
When I safely figured it all out, it was time to rest, and since I didn’t want to stay in the city, I went to the country house to the same aunt I told the wound about where she usually spent the summer.
I also went there because I somehow promised to help her in building a fence.

The above house was located in a very secluded place, there were only fields and forests around, and the nearest settlement was within a radius of 3 km, so there was always very quiet and calm there: no cars, no people, and the complete absence of any fuss.
It was not always easy to get there without having a car available, so when I left in the morning, I arrived at the place only around noon, and I had to walk the last part of the way, as always.

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In general, I came to my aunt already a little exhausted, but when I saw Tatyana (this is my aunt’s name), I immediately felt an unimaginable charge of energy.
It was pretty hot that day, so Aunt Tanya was dressed appropriately.
She was wearing white tight shorts that completely followed the contours of her lush ass and did not hide her small belly and the beacon, which was a bit loose, but very short.
Even from afar, I noticed that there was no underwear on her, since the contour of her large breasts could be clearly traced along the shirt that hides her, and the location of the nipples was not difficult at all.
Tatiana was a woman in the body, but oddly enough, it even went very well with her.
The fact is that its magnificent forms had a proportional relationship to each other, t.

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In spite of completeness, my aunt had a clearly expressed and very sexy figure.
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) What I saw, stirred up a desire in me, with which I could not do anything, so after lunch, having started building a fence, I mechanically hammering nails, only imagined it naked.
The pictures in my head appeared one by one on their own, and I already began to feel how my penis was starting to gain strength and felt that I simply needed a discharge.
Carried away by my fantasies, I did not notice how Tatiana approached me and paid attention to her only when she spoke.
Young couple having sex on cam.

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