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Chiffon needs a character who will do the tedious job of collecting heaps of specific herbs that are most likely needed for some ritual.
And for that kind of money, I gladly agree to be with them.
– We are late, we are moving forward! The elf looked at her watch, frowned, and began to rush the squad.

She was in a hurry somewhere, but I didn’t ask where she was with such a generous employer.
Therefore, I did not have time to buy serious clothes on the market.
The only request was to put money in the bank, fearing to carry a serious amount with it.
However, where the girl was in a hurry, it quickly turned out that it was time for the repsuna of mobs on the road.
People of the huntsman plus elf quickly took out the mobs, until they managed to get away from the place of respawn, but they did not have time to tear off and collect the prey.
I had to do this, as well as looking for different flowers under my feet.
Very hard and monotonous work, and yes even time constraints on us.
One has only to be late to the mobs ’spawn, as they could have escaped over three ten lands, and then look for them through the forest.
We missed a couple, deciding to return later, after a full sweep on schedule.
It is not surprising that with such employment we and the elf managed to spread from the strength of dozens of phrases for all the time.
But here I got the experience – Mama Do not Cry.
Although I did not kill anyone, the experience was distributed to the whole group.
At the end of the trip, I already apnula the fifteenth and was preparing to take the next one.
– How much to the next? – Chiffon asked, stopping in front of the cave entrance.
– Only thirty exp, – six eight not the most difficult tasks that is.
– Ok, wait here.
We will be soon.
– Said elf and hid in a cave.

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Chasseurs followed her.
And I prepared to wait.
We had to wait for a surprisingly long time.
After half an hour had passed, I could not stand it and looked inside the cave.
Seeing nothing and not hearing, I waited another five minutes and decided to see what was inside.
“Eh, sometime curiosity will ruin me,” I thought, pacing in the darkness of the cave.
There were no sources of sunlight.
Only the lichen growing inside was faintly glowing.
But me with racially swinging attentiveness lacked that too.
And after wandering in darkness for five minutes, I got a skill at all – twilight vision.
In the darkness I see.
not, but the slightest source of light was enough for a more or less confident orientation.
Having trained the skill to the second level, I began to disassemble the tracks on the cave floor and quickly seeded where the partner could be.
Soon I heard some sounds.
Turning the corner, she saw a flash of torches around the next turn and the Huntsmen.
The bloody non-inscriptions lay motionless on the floor.
One of them blew his head.
And the other heavily pokromsali.
Someone worked a big dull sword.
Orcs, probably? – I thought and immediately earned the ability to explorer.
Quite rare and not very useful skill.
Rare so, so it was necessary to prove the game system that you are very closely watching the game world.
In normal cases it is very difficult.
I had a much more complete immersion, so I felt much better.
Yes, and my perception is quite good.
Useless as basically just filled the personal encyclopedia with various facts of the game world.
Short characteristics of creatures.
Legends and the legend of these colors.
And other nonsense.
Of course, it is useful to know different things about the world where you are going to live.
Only it is much easier to buy a ready-made encyclopedia on the market than to collect everything by itself.
The number of skills of the player is not limited, so let it be.
I hesitated a little.
On the one hand, the dead Jaeger was somewhat frightened.
But their level was not very high.
But Chiffon could still survive.
It was not easy to see what was happening in the cave.
What a

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strange sound I hear.
Cursing my curiosity, I cautiously covered forward.
Promising to take a look with only one eye, and then immediately back.
I will run to take the quest and buy new clothes.
The closer I got, the more strange sounds seemed to me.
Loud snoring and poking, interrupted by the crackle of torches.
Finally, I looked out from around the corner and saw the mobs that had put the squad. Alexa plus bongacams.

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