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Finally, she calmed down a bit, washed up and

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, sighed heavily, went to her workplace, where she was met by a smiling Light.
Well, got on the nuts? She asked cheerfully.
– Nothing, not the first, not the last! We have almost all the girls went through this.

And some are not just once! Than flogged something, ruler? Yes, – Irina grudging reluctantly.
Hmm, look, next time there will be either a belt or a whip! And this, I tell you, is much more painful! Sighing, Irina set to work.
Tanya went to the bedside table, on which the phone was standing, and quickly got acquainted with the instructions for its use, pasted on the device, dialed a three-digit number.
At this time, my eyes rushed to her ass-covered shorts.
If time is now frozen, and I alone remained mobile in it, I would sit on my knees in front of this cheeky protruding ass and bring my lips close to the bare skin of her thigh, feeling almost invisible hairs rising from my breath; I’d slowly roll my shorts up to my knees, revealing elastic halves, enticingly smelling like apple-cinnamon mix of shower gel.
Slightly pressing on the lower back, would make a frozen statue bend down and show a slightly opened bud, the moisture of which would immediately lick the tongue.
– Olya, do not hide there, come to Andrei, we have brandy here.
Join the team, – said Tanya, as it turned out, not frozen at all.
– By this you wanted to dispel her shyness? She probably said she was not feeling well.
– No, she didn’t say anything.
I left a message on the answering machine.
I think she splashes in the shower now.
Well, for a successful trip? “As you say,” I agreed, and took a portion of the burning, fragrant liquid.
Tanya did the same, cute eyes narrowing.
The cognac turned out to be so high-quality, and my interlocutor was so sociable that I didn’t notice how 40 minutes passed in an interesting conversation.

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The topics for conversation changed after each drunk glass, until there was only one smell of brandy in the bottle.
– Do you watch volleyball? – Tanya asked, pointing a nod to the TV screen, showing girls jumping in the sand.
– Only when there is absolutely nothing to do.
I turned it on when you were taking a shower.
– So sport is not yours? This can not be said for your body.
You obviously did either swimming or something like rowing, she suggested.
– Well, let’s say this – I did a little bit of everything and more seriously swimming.
– Swimmers have wonderful shapes.
You chose the right sport.
By the way, – Tanya opened a new bottle and filled our glasses, – I was always interested in one question.
“Yes, I am,” I answered readily.
– Swimmers – they are all so smooth, without a single hair.
Do they, as I understand it, shave their bodies all the time? – Carefully suggested my companion.
For some reason, I was very laughed at the note of uncertainty in her voice.
– Not all the time, but before the competition.
I also did that when I spoke, although I am not very hairy.
– A member? Do you shave and dick too? Up to this point, the conversation was kept in a decent course, as it should be the conversation of two employees, and then at once jumped into a completely different track.
Being alone with a girl, drinking brandy with her and discussing male members is something new for me, and if I hadn’t drunk brandy, I would be very embarrassed.
“Well, as for the penis,” I began carefully, “then shaving him or not shaving is more a matter of personal preference.”
You know, a member is in swimming trunks, the texture of the fabric which reduces the level of friction.
The exception is, perhaps, the Naked Olympics; there swimming trunks are not welcome.
– I would like at least in swimming to introduce the requirement to participate naked.
Believe me, the fans, or rather, the fans would be ten times more, ”Tanya said wistfully.
After a short pause, she decided to return to the started topic: – But did you have guys who shaved their members? It seems to me that at least you are one of them, ”Tanya concluded, with a sly wink.
– What makes you think so? – I’m wary.
“You have a razor in your soul with a razor with the remains of foam on the blade, and you have nothing less than one-day stubble on your cheeks.”
It can be assumed that you shaved only the armpits, but something inside of me says that you were not limited to them. Amateur lesbian hidden cam.

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