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Oh, how beautiful it was, she said.
You know, I’m there, as if I saw everything from the side.
And you and yourself, and knew what and how to do !.

When showered, I went to dress and wake Vera, and Mary retired to the top, making the bed and dressing.
Entering the room, I sat on the edge of the bed.
Vera was asleep.
She lay on her side, back to me, curled up.
The blanket on her back prodded, and her back, covered with a short nightie raised to the waist, was visible in the gap.
The fusion was not.
Smooth bending of the back, blue on top, covered with a thin fabric, from the belt, slightly tanned, and a completely white mark from the bathing trunks in which she sunbathed.
Soft, dull “glowing”, buttock not covered with a blanket, and dark hairs sticking out between the lovely thighs.
I bent down and lifted the blanket, began to kiss this seductress – ass.
The hand slid between the thighs, and began to stroke the vulva.
Vera sleepily slept, and straightened, and I looked up for a moment from the kisses, said: Sonya! It’s time to get up, it’s already day outside! Without opening her eyes, she stretched, then dropped her arms, wrapped them around my neck and pulled them to my lips.
Lips appealingly opened, and we merged in a long kiss.
Looking up from me and barely catching her breath, she said: Promise that you always will wake me up this way! Okay! Get up come on! Zona, we have breakfast and go to the river.
Today is the last day, tomorrow we return to the city.
She stretched again and sat on the edge of the bed.
I did not admire her so much.
And it was from what! In the slit from the curtains, a strip of sunlight fell.

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She gave her, a little messy hair, golden hue.
One strap of the shirt slipped on the arm, and the top of her lowered, revealing not a big, but tight breast, with a sharp nipple.
The second shone through a transparent fabric, illuminated by the same ray of light.
A flat stomach, dark curly pubic hair, slender hips, on which were gilded, in the rays of the sun, not visible hairs, and childishly round knees, brought together.
Well, right Venus de Milo! And here in the brain

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, on the verge of perception, I heard it in the morning: alone.
input two.
exit one
input two.
exit one
, two.
, two.
I looked up from contemplation, shaking off delusion.
Ok, climb.
Get dressed and have breakfast.
Let’s go to the beach! Chapter 3
“Women are created to be loved by Maria, already commanding in the kitchen.
When Vera came out, breakfast was already on the table.
Sour cream is not, said Maria, and looked at me expressively.
I cooked semolina porridge! We sat down together at the table, put the porridge in a pan, then drank tea with sandwiches and biscuits.
Finally, they were satisfied and began to gather on the beach.
They took a snack, bedspread and towels.
Came to the same place.
Immediately organized a nudist beach.
My “fury” undressed, read removed their dressing gowns, since there was nothing under them.
Well, I exposed myself, took off my shorts and a T-shirt, anticipating such a turn, didn’t wear anything under them.
The day was hot, and we immediately climbed to swim.
In the water staged pampering, such as: embracing, kissing, pressing.
When we were tired, we got out on the shore to warm up and sunbathe.
“Well then, Vasya, I’m not Vasya, Kolya, it’s still good!” I suddenly remembered the anecdote.
It was really good.
I could not even believe that in a week the official autumn would come, we will go to the institute with Vera, I am again, she is the first time.
It smelled pleasantly of warmed earth, mixed with the smell of a river and warm forest.
On the lips preserved taste: women’s kisses and the river.
Warm river, beautiful women, hot sun, I was drawn to the philosophy.
Taste and smell.
Smell and touch.
Here is the alpha and omega of our world.
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