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Best sex games to play online.
Having again held a hard rubber along its sturdy back, I saw that the mulatto was trying to increase the time of contact with the whip, rising towards him.
I really liked it, and my dick, by then a long time ago, which had acquired its formidable size, simply became petrified of tension and impatiently throbbed.
I quickly stripped naked and several times with a whistle I cut the air with a whip

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, drawing attention to the fact that Anya squeezed her wide little anus ring convulsively every time.

Do not worry, beauty, you and I will still play different games, I thought, and I approached her very close.
I struck her first blow in my favorite style: on the buttocks, not very much, but with an insidious delay in the direction of the delicate skin of the thigh.
Anya took a deep breath, but made no sound.
Immediately, not allowing her to come to her senses, I strongly lashed her back.
The whip was perfectly balanced and a long strip of rubber left elegant stripes on the dark skin of a mulatto.
I brought down one blow after another on my defenseless victim, preventing me from recovering myself and taking a rest, as a result of which the pain from the previous one was extinguished by the next one and, as it were, took it to a new level of perception.

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Very quickly, Anya could not stand it and began to shout loudly, but this only inflamed me even more.
I concentrated on her luxurious buttocks, forcing them to jump and shake with each blow.
Now every blow, even a slight one, was accompanied by shouts and useless attempts to escape.
Suddenly I stopped, deciding that I could overdo it.
When I asked Larisa to bring a bucket of water, I rolled my gift from head to toe and kindly informed Ana about a short respite, took my wife into the corridor.
– How do you think, how much can we torture her? – I asked.
– How many will they please, just not crippled, – said Larissa.
– and one more thing.
until your birthday is over, you can use it — she paused meaningfully — as you like.
But on one condition.
– At what? – I wondered with interest.
– I will attend this.
Her eyes sparkled.
The proposed game of the plant and her.
I was a little dumbfounded because I had never had to make love with another woman in front of Larissa.
But my cock was a stake, and now Larisa, taking advantage of my confusion, gently but firmly took it in her warm hands, in one motion pulled the delicate skin from the foreskin and leaned over, firmly squeezing her head with her soft lips, so I just howled enjoyment.
“Go,” firing me, she pushed me toward the bedroom.
– To have her in the ass is a pure thrill.
I was told.
I returned to the bedroom.
Anya all tensed waiting for the continuation.
I stood for some time, admiring her amazing, albeit somewhat plump body, and then with the help of control levers fixed her lovely ass in the most convenient position for myself. Best sex games to play online.

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