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She raised herself on tiptoes, raised her hand to his face.
A thin finger slid under his nose.
– Here, see? See how drawn? Alexander burst out.

Her laugh infected him.
She so simply and openly poured a bell, standing in front of him, looking up at him, that it was impossible not to laugh in response.
He laughed too.
They laughed, as if this swamp were not around, there was no war, and there was no need to hurry anywhere.
– It’s time to go, – finally, Dunayev became serious.
The swamp is over, the skies are gone.
Ahead the shore of the lake was bright.
Only birds.
And they do not care about people, what is happening in the world.
The lieutenant stood with his eyes closed, drawing in the thick pine air.
He opened his eyes, looked around anxiously.
There was no girl anywhere.
“Maria,” he called softly.
No sound in response.
“Maria,” Dunayev repeated a little louder and began to look around.
Almost at the coast in the bushes I noticed a slight movement.
The hand reached for the gun.
Silently walked up, holding a weapon at the ready, hiding, looked through the branches.
From what he saw for a moment, shut his eyes.
Mary was standing there.
He saw her from the back.
The sugar-white, tender, airy body of the girl, sunk to the knees, enjoyed the sun, the air, and the caresses of the lake.
Thin hands, as if two wings, fluttered, stroking a flexible, thin waist, dazzling smooth bends of hips and butts.
Suddenly the girl turned, and Dunayeva slashed from the inside with fire, pounded in her temples, ached, and pulsed below.
I wanted to rush to her, press her to myself, face her face in the milky purity of the elastic trembling chest, touch the dimple on the tummy and learn the secret secret.
And I also wanted to hide it from the whole world, to shield it from blood, from death, which was walking around.

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Woman and war.
They can not, should not be together! This beauty, defenseless, touching, tender, like a primrose, is created for love and life! Dunayev, not letting go of the pistol, swept the sweat from his forehead with the back of a brush.
He coughed and called again: – Maria! – Oh, here it is impossible.
I am bathing, – the frightened voice of the girl responded.
– Yes, yes, of course.
Do not worry, I do not see you.
Just stay here.
just in case, the lieutenant said.
And he really turned away, began to look towards the forest.
But she almost immediately left.
Now she was wearing a bright flowered dress and ordinary, without a heel shoes with a strap.
He noticed that they are half smaller than boots.
Catching his gaze on his shoes, she was embarrassed and explained: – I have thirty-first.
There are no such boots.
And I got used to it, – smiled cheerfully, – my leg is spacious.
After a short pause, she said again: – And you, too, go.
take a swim.
Only, sorry, you do not have clothes.
– Yes now.
Clothes are nothing.
In a wet stay, – he smiled and hid in the bushes.
– Wait! – Maria’s handle thrust through the branches.
– Give me the gun.
I’ll poke you too.
Dunaev handed her a weapon, carefully put the handle in his palm.
Thin fingers deftly embraced her.
For a moment he held them in his hand.
It was getting dark.
It started to rain.
They took shelter in a dilapidated barn.
There was a village nearby.
But it was very dangerous to go there.
Therefore, Dunaev decided to wait out the rain here and move on at dawn.
Maria squeezed the wet hem, spreading her braid, funny shook her wet head.
“Wow,” the lieutenant chuckled. “For the second time in a day, we end up in a wet story.”
“Yeah, it’s a wet day,” she laughed.
And suddenly she was silent, as if embarrassed by something.
The lieutenant was also silent, as if he had found some kind of stupor, it even became hot.
And Mary was shivering with cold.
Noticing this, he took off his jacket and threw it over her shoulders.
She looked at him in surprise, as if asking – “Why?”.
– Are you cold.
the jacket is almost dry.
warm now

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, for some reason, in a hoarse voice, he said.
– Thank.
And how are you? – she looked down.
It was dark, and only flashes of lightning from time to time illuminated the space of the shed through the cracks in the walls.
But for some reason Dunaev felt that she was blushing.
He could not understand where this feeling came from.
But Alexander seemed to see how bright crimson fill his tender cheeks. Black girls live sex.

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