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The midday sun was mercilessly.
Irina settled on the nose.
Leaning her back against the fence, she stretched out her legs imposingly and sipping her cold mojito.

The salty sea wind waved her blonde hair.
Putting a glass next to her, she took the oil and squeezed out a little bit right on her bare chest and slowly began to smear it.
The girl was massaging her, stroking.
Elastic juicy breast fell agitatingly out of the palms.
Leaning back, she generously poured her whole body from neck to belly and slowly began to caress herself, rubbing the oil into her chocolate-colored skin.
Her palms were running along her tummy, rising higher, again paying attention to her bulging bust.
Then slender legs.
With soft, teasing movements, she rubbed butter on them, stroking her hips first from the outside, then from the inside.

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Having covered the whole body with it, she again leaned on the side and took the glass, with her legs wide apart.
The seductive, naked, young body glistened in the sun.
Her breasts proudly looked up, and the delicate bud of a young, but already experienced pussy was excitingly swollen.
Opposite there were three stallions.
Tall, muscular, tanned guys slowly kneaded their battle-ready weapons.
Ira slowly sipped mojito and attentively examined everyone, looking from one to the other.
She pointed to the first left.
He took a step forward.
She pointed her finger between her legs and gently massaged her lower lips.
The guy understood everything without words.
He went up to her and got on all fours.
The other two continued to slowly masturbate.
He gently spread his fingers on the not yet opened bud and touched the clitoris with his fingers.

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Ira mojito squeezed, as if nothing was happening.
The guy gently kissed him.
Without removing his finger from the tubercle, he gently held the tongue from the bottom up.
Ira pretty smiled.
The guy slowly began to lick the crack, more comfortable parted sponges.
Carefully fluttering the tongue between the legs, he barely touched the tip of the tender flesh.
Ira was breathing heavily and removed the glass.
The girl removed his hands and spread her lips herself.
The guy focused on the pleasure of a solid raisin.
He tickled her tongue, kissed and sucked, stroked the hole with his fingers, smearing it with juices.
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