Bongacams tim bella.

Bongacams tim bella.
Or so it seemed to me only? I don’t know, it’s possible, it’s just that there was nobody to compare with, the appraiser of my beauty, my dear boy, unexpectedly plunged into the business (in particular, this was due to the fact that my transformation into a full-fledged “girl with a surprise between my legs” pleasure is not cheap).
In addition, sitting down today to pee on the toilet, I noticed that my hips were a little wide.
I finally took off the panties dangling on my knees from my legs, and, not even blotting the last drop with paper, I ran to the mirror.

And so it is, and I remembered it at the moments when Serozha caressed me near the pier glass, having pressed the standing member to the pope.
however, now it was enough for me to understand that the hips began to be rounded.
I took myself by the pussy and barely had time to catch a trickle of snow in my palm.
Serezha was not enough.
And all this time he ran about his business, settled some issues on the contract with the customer, dined with customers and came home only to sleep and weathered alcohol.
Alcohol, judging by the fact that my boy took a taxi from Audi, was drunk a lot in a week.
Usually, when I called the intercom, I rushed down the dark porch, putting some outerwear on the minimum I was wearing at home (a T-shirt on my bare chest and panties, or a bra with shorts).
Then I carried him to the 2nd floor, stripped me, put a warm shower under the rain, ran to the fridge to get some cold mineral water, pulled out my favorite loved one from the bath, wiped dry (while he hugged the wall) and led to our bed. Bongacams tim bella.

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