Caiiia bongacams.

Caiiia bongacams.
“Good,” I replied.
– And why? The doctor went to the door.
He was still pale.

“Can you do me a favor?” he asked quietly.
“Of course, anything,” and it was true.
I was ready for everything for this, a couple of days ago of an unknown person.
And I also treated his nurse well.
“Sit down,” the doctor pointed out to me on the couch and sat beside me, hugging my shoulders.
I pressed against him, smelling the man.
“Although you are young, you probably already know what a difficult time we live in,” the doctor began.
I nodded, weakly understanding what the beginning was for.
Is the money? – I got a call now, bad news: – What happened? – I was scared.
– You see.
how to say it: democracy is in danger.
From surprise, I scratched my balls.
– We are surrounded, – continued my man, – The clinic is surrounded.
Their goal is a banner.
The banner of civil society.
Symbol of hope for freedom and justice.
Flag of the fight against corruption and state terror.
I am the keeper of the banner.
I’m being watched.
I am sure you are beyond suspicion.
My young friend, you need to save our character.
Are you ready to get out of here and deliver the banner of democracy to the American embassy? Answer

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me honestly, if not – I understand.
My heart stopped, stopped.
And then it pounded furiously.
From the penis dropped, a drop rolled down the leg, leaving a wet track.
I threw away fear and doubt.
– I am ready, ready, just ready.
But if they search me? “They will search — they won’t find,” a malicious note flashed in the doctor’s voice.
– I knew that the ideals of freedom are not alien to you.
Become a cancer.
– In the knee-elbow? – I clarified for some reason.
“To him,” the doctor nodded.
He had already taken a banner from the bottom drawer of the cabinet and folded it with a thick tube.

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The tube turned out frightening thickness, but it was too late to retreat, and somehow not as a man.
I sighed, and climbed on the couch, to occupy a position that has become so familiar.
I saw with my side vision how the doctor pulled a condom on a roll and richly smeared it with a transparent gel.
“Breathe deeper,” the doctor ordered.
The banner was heavy.
It was painful, despite the good lubrication and skillful finger of the doctor, who helped my anus to stretch from the right angles.
However, when the bundle entered completely, it became easier.
The doctor taped my anus with a band-aid, after shaving off the hairs, so that it wouldn’t be painful to tear it off.
I slowly slid to the floor and put on my underpants.
“Try, walk back and forth,” said the doctor.
– How is it? Tolerant? “Quite,” I answered courageously, but thought to myself, I’m getting used to nothing.
“Is the American embassy far?” – Not very far in the center.
The best way to get there by trolley bus.
Here is the address, memorize it, because the paper I burn.
At parting, the doctor kissed my forehead and shook my hand tightly.
The nurse who swallowed everything took me to the registry.
At the entrance stood two men in suits, strange in such warm weather.
I tried my best to stay as natural as possible and walk straight.
The nurse, apparently, also tried.
She deliberately clarified the time of my next visit in a businesslike voice, and then she said goodbye to me first, thereby pushing me to the exit.
Huddled up in a ball, I went away, not looking at the faces of the men in suits.
Fortunately, I was not stopped.
I left the clinic and walked to the trolleybus stop, as quickly as the secret burden allowed me.
The sun was shining.
Fluttered butterflies.
I became an adult.
I was overwhelmed with pride and the banner of democracy.
In ancient times there lived the great and kind Sultan Shahraman.
He relied on the laws, no one in his country was offended, so he was loved and respected by the people.
With his neighbors, Shahraman lived in the world, being known as a peace-loving and wise ruler.
The young man entered the very time and was as beautiful as a cypress, as strong as a lion, and as clever as a serpent.
Shahraman called his son to himself and said: – My child, I am old.
Soon it will be your turn to take the throne.
But to become a true ruler, you have to become a man, so I want to marry you.
“Father,” Jamal replied with respect, “I cannot do that.”
– Why? – surprised the Sultan.
– Oh, father, know that I have no desire for marriage, my soul is not inclined to love, since I have found many books and discourses on female perfidy and perfidy. Caiiia bongacams.

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