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Sergey, almost losing consciousness from the splashed out passion, seemed to soar with all his being towards this heaven.
Then they lay nearby, arms outstretched.
Blissful smiles played on their faces.

Anna sighed wearily, turned over on her tummy, exposing the sun’s rays two delicious berries with a silk pink-milky skin.
“Now you can get burnt in the sun too,” Sergei warned and pressed his face to the downy ass.
“I don’t want you to look like an arapka,” he said with a smile.
– Mmm, – Anna purred something indistinctly and gracefully pulled her hips, slightly raising her ass.
Sergey immediately felt a new surge of excitement.
He gently, barely touching, bit the buttocks one by one, then licked the bite points with the very tip of the tongue.
Anna groaned again.

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And he noticed that the desired moisture again flowed through her thighs.
Sergey, slightly spreading her legs, raised his wife and put her on his knees and elbows.
Then slightly pressing on a thin waist, made me bend like a cat, raising my ass.
And with caution perseverance he entered an already familiar place that had become so familiar and cozy.
Anna was gasped from the unexpected and unusual posture, but then instinctively began to help him move deeper and deeper in her.
She moaned from new sensations.
org) Sergey held her ass, trying to ease his blows.
Two of his “pillars” slammed sharply against his wife’s reddened skin, and the “sword” rhythmically entered his favorite “scabbard”, giving both voluptuous and incomparable pleasures to anything, carrying it to the heights of pleasure.

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When it was over, he continued to kneel, took the weakened Anna into his arms and gently kissed her on the lips.
Then he put his wife and lay down next, covering his favorite dress.
– My love, you are not cold? – Sergey asked, having noticed that Anna began to shiver, being compressed in a lump.
“Yes, I feel a little uncomfortable,” she answered with a smile.
“It’s time for us to return to the house,” Sergey decided and gently stroked her hair.
Anna sat down and began to dress.
“Turn around,” she asked quietly, lowering her eyes.
Sergey smiled, he was always amused by her bashfulness.
In the most passionate moments, she was no longer shy about him, completely surrendering to her feelings.
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