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I watch him with interest.
He squints at me and begins to draw something quickly.
Curiosity gnaws at me and I’m starting to crawl out from under the blanket.

Slavik with a gesture stops me and declares that the picture is not finished yet and I should not move, but I can’t cover myself with a blanket, because it is easier for him to draw from nature.
I am lying in shorts and in a T-shirt, but the room is

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warm and I am obviously attracted by the opportunity to pose for the first time in my life.
Sly smiling, Slavik asks me to spread my legs a little and the plot of the picture becomes clear to me.
I obey and the obviously increasing sexual atmosphere is beginning to make me happy.
Of course, this immediately manifests itself in my underpants, which, judging by the contented face of my new friend, will be immediately reflected on paper.
Suddenly, he looks up at me and invites me in an innocent voice to completely strip, otherwise he will have to finish drawing some details of the drawing from his head, which will undoubtedly reduce the plausibility of his art.
I am his proposal leads to a clear embarrassment.
Well, lying in front of him in his underpants is still all right, but undressing to the goal and lying in front of him like that with an erectiated member is too much! I will again cover myself with a blanket, take a book and show with my whole view that this undertaking no longer carries me away.

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However, Slavik does not intend to retreat and jumps on my bed with a whoosh, pulls off the blanket and grabs my panties.
Of course, I didn’t expect such a turnover, and therefore, caught up in the run-off, quickly lost this most important element of clothing, which immediately disappeared somewhere in the corner, behind the suitcases, having flown across the room.
A quick victory set Slavka down and we grappled with him in the fight for the surviving t-shirt, rolling on my bed.
Frankly, here I resisted not particularly long and after a few seconds, Slavka, flushed from our fuss, with my shirt in one hand and with the blanket pulled from me – in the other, jumped into his territory, leaving me to lie completely naked on my bed .
From all this fuss, my pussy calmed down again and no longer stuck up shamelessly pink head, which I, however, immediately, forcibly, hid in a pouch of foreskin.
It was my turn, and according to the customary laws of all boyish games, I had to win my own and inflict the same violence on the enemy.
To my surprise, Slavik fiercely resisted, but I was much bigger and stronger than my friend, and soon we were rolling on his bed, completely naked, flushed and sweaty, and around us were scattered t-shirts, pants and blankets.
The time was already late and the noise made by us obviously aroused the suspicions of our tutor, whose steps we suddenly heard down the corridor.
There was no time left for restoring order, and besides, Slavka threw a blanket over my closet.
For the rescue there were only three seconds left, which was enough only to turn off the light, whisk together under one blanket and stand still.
Having clung to each other, I heard Slavkino’s heart beating and felt the sweet smell of our sweat.
The door opened with a creak, a few burdensome seconds, and now the teacher’s suspicions are scattered – in the dark, the mess created by us is not visible, but the teacher didn’t turn on the light – maybe all this noise seemed to him and we had a peaceful sleep for a long time? The door closed again and after a few moments the light in the corridor went out. Cam sex lust.

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